University of Tennessee Case Study

The Univesity of Tennessee needed a reliable and cost effective replacement to their existing Research and Survey software

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The University of Tennessee switches from Qualtrics to QuestionPro - QuestionPro Case Study


Our contact, Robert A. Muenchen, is an Accredited Professional Statistician, R Trainer, and the Manager of Research Computing Support in the University. He manages a team of 10 people and provides direct customer support. He consults for a wide variety of research projects providing assistance with design, data and text analysis, programming, graphics, database management and writing journal articles.


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK), had been using Qualtrics as their software to create the web-based surveys across the different departments in the University. Two years ago, however, Qualtrics informed the management of UTK about a price rise for their subscription. Their objective was simple - find a comparable survey solution provider that would be at par with their current expense, and offer parity in features of their current solution.


The primary challenge was to match their existing faeture requirements, without inflating the available budget. They also needed their data and user information to be migrated from Qualtrics to the new system without losing any of their research. As a major research university, they were launching around 1,200 surveys per month in every imaginable category


The process of migration from Qualtrics to QuestionPro was not a simple task. The first obstacle was migrating all the existing data and users from their old system to our platform. This had to happen since all the departments and administrators were using Qualtrics for their research purposes, and this data was important to their on-going projects.

QuestionPro added more features so as to provide smoother continuity of service to the software users. Two most important factors of the activation, however, were the Customer Experience of dealing with a company that evolved with their needs, and the cost savings of maintaining such a software solution in times when expenses needed to be lower / stable over long periods of time.

Project Steps
  1. UT faces Qualtrics pricing trauma. 200% increase in YoY pricing
  2. Procurement explores options and launches RFP
  3. UT Research picks QuestionPro over SurveyGizmo, Qualtrics and Surveymonkey
  4. QuestionPro implements, and migrates UT to the new system
  5. Every new feature request is prioritised and added at no extra cost

QuestionPro helps UT with the migration to the new Research solution

As per feedback from our contact, Robert A. Muenchen, "the main thing that differentiates QuestionPro from similar competitors like Qualtrics and SurveyGizmo is the superb customer service. Our team has managed software contracts with 30 vendors for 36 years, and the QuestionPro team has been the most responsive we've dealt with. With most companies, when you tell them about a feature you'd like to see added, they'll thank you and add it to a list. With QuestionPro, we've gotten features added in just a few weeks. Plus unlike other vendors (e.g. Qualtrics), all their features are included in the price and even new ones we request are added for free."

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