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How consumer insights drove product innovation in consumer electronics

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This case study showcases how Vestel partnered with QuestionPro to address challenges in reaching their target audience and gather insights into their vacuum machine design strategy. By leveraging the practical and efficient survey solution offered by QuestionPro, Vestel improved their product offerings, honed their consumer insights, and accelerated their business development efforts in the consumer electronics industry.

Vestel is a prominent global group of companies, renowned for its diverse product portfolio and innovative solutions in the consumer electronics and technology industry. Established in 1984 and subsequently acquired by Zorlu Group in 1994, Vestel has evolved into a conglomerate of 28 companies, with 15 operating internationally.
The company's commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology has solidified its position as a leader in various sectors, including consumer electronics, white goods, small home appliances, digital products, mobile products, electric vehicle charging stations, batteries, and LED lighting products. Vestel's mission is to enhance the daily lives of consumers through high-quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

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Market Expansion and Consumer Insights: Increase market penetration and gain valuable consumer insights to drive product development and enhance consumer experiences. By understanding what consumers want and need, Vestel can tailor its products and services to better meet market demands and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Agile Decision-Making and Product Enhancement: Facilitate quick, data-driven decisions to respond rapidly to market demands and improve existing products. This agility enables Vestel to address market demands promptly and continuously improve existing products, ensuring that they remain competitive and meet high-quality standards.

Innovation and New Product Development: Utilize consumer feedback to guide the development of innovative products, staying in sync with market trends. The company seeks to harness consumer feedback to inspire and guide the development of innovative products that align with market trends.

Efficient Data Collection and User-Friendly Surveys: The QuestionPro platform is exclusively utilized for collecting feedback from Vestel's customers through internally conducted studies. The survey tools from QuestionPro play a pivotal role in studies where Vestel manages the entire field and data collection process.

Global Reach and Sustainability: Expand and maintain a global presence, while also integrating sustainability practices into operations and product development, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Key Outcome

In the dynamic world of consumer electronics, Vestel's quest for excellence led them to a pivotal collaboration with QuestionPro. Through this partnership, Vestel ventured into a realm of consumer insights that reshaped the landscape of their business. The impact was profound, with tangible results that reflected in soaring customer satisfaction rates, and innovation in product features.

Comprehensive Consumer Insights: Through the research conducted with QuestionPro, Vestel gained comprehensive insights into consumers who purchased select small home appliances.. This included a deep understanding of usage habits, preferred purchasing channels, and consumer attitudes toward rival brands.

Enhanced Product Features: The research enabled Vestel to examine product features in-depth, guiding product development efforts. This in-depth examination helped Vestel ensure that appliances meet consumer needs and preferences.

Actionable Data for Business Development: The data obtained through QuestionPro research played a pivotal role in Vestel's business development activities. Specific outcomes included the identification of areas for product improvement, as well as the creation of valuable inputs for the Small Home Appliances team to enhance the current product and develop a new version.

Positive Consumer Perception: The survey results demonstrated that Vestel's appliances being researched were well-liked by consumers and effectively meet consumer needs. This positive consumer perception contributed to Vestel's brand reputation and market positioning.