Gamification and Rewards

Create an engaged online community and provide incentives to your most loyal customers.


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Gamification and Rewards

QuestionPro Communities offers a fully integrated rewards system. Whether you want your member to receive gift cards, badges, or have a gamification experience, QuestionPro enables community members to respond to incentives.

Members can earn points for activities they complete such as signing up for an account, completing surveys, posting ideas, polls, and more. Users can redeem these points for custom rewards. These rewards can be gift cards such as Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, Fandango and much more.

Gamification Points System

A good point system is the key community engagement and keeping an online community thriving over time. Members are drawn to points as it’s an immediate incentive for completing a task within an online community. A good point system will have a variety of points available for every activity in the online community. In turn, your online community will want to gain as many points and redeem them for tangible rewards.

Gamification Rewards

Members earn points that they then redeem for tangible rewards. These rewards are tangible and most often come in the form of a gift card. The values of the gift cards can range depending on the community but most often range from $5 to $20 in value. While gift cards are the most common, other types of rewards can be swag or actual products from the company. Whatever the reward, the most important aspect is that you are nurturing an engaged online community. This will keep them eager to earn more points which in turn helps your online community.

Gamification Badges

Badges are purely an intrinsic type of reward and differ as they really play into gamification. Members want to level up and get the next badge that’s available. With gamification, community members make a game out of participation and want to see how many they can collect. In turn, this helps with the overall engagement of the community.

QuestionPro Engagement Meter

The QuestionPro Engagement Meter plays in the gamification aspect of the community. The Engagement Meter will guide the member on what activities they need to complete in order to move from a beginner to expert level. As members are in the process of leveling up, both notifications in the portal and through email, will encourage and show they what the activity they need to complete to get to the next level. This is a key feature in not only driving traffic to the online member portal but also increasing engagement as well.