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What is Panel Management?

Panel management is a process to manage a research panel (a pre-qualified community), that help in a research study by contributing their insights and feedback to an ongoing quantitative or qualitative research. Panel management software and tools are used in the present day to effectively manage the community.

Healthcare industry is a classic example where panel management is playing an important role to manage their wide growing communities. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, 40% of the research studies are carried out in the healthcare sector. Panel management is necessary to manage patients and related study.

Panel Management Software

Panel management software is a tool that helps companies create a customized gateway for their panel. Using the panel management software it becomes easier for companies or businesses to recruit, segment and maintain their panel or members.

In addition to this panel management software allows companies to get insights quickly and easily from their panelists, create and manage a number of panels, build rich profiles and also target segment of the panelist.

A panel can constitute 100-150 members at one given point in time and that’s what makes it different from traditional focus groups. A panel is usually created of members who have similar belief or interest and exhibit voluntary signs of participation in discussions that are conducted online or offline.

Why Should You Use Panel Management Software?

Here are a few reasons for using Panel Management Software:

  1. Focus on targeted research: With a panel management software, organizations or companies are drawn to the ease with which they can send online surveys to a targeted group of members and receive immediate feedback. This saves time and efforts of a researcher and the data obtained can be relied upon.
  2. Expect better results: Since the research is more targeted there is certainty of obtaining better and timely results. With a panel management software, the panel members can be carefully chosen and grouped. These members usually have an expertise in the subject matter or have the same interests and belief.
  3. Respondent profile: Panel management software allows companies to build a robust profile of panelists and use these profiles wherever they are suited. These panelists can be reused for various research studies that need to be carried out.
  4. Lesser turnaround time: Since the panelist is the ones who are willingly participating in the studies, they send back responses within the time frame that has been allowed to them. Online surveys work wonders here. Respondents tend to respond better to online surveys.

Panel Management Software- QuestionPro Communities

QuestionPro Communities offers Panel Management Software solution that is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is follow these steps to get started:

“I would like to recruit users from a survey. Can I do that?”

Yes, it is quite simple.

Step 1: Click on “create new community” button, a wizard will open which will help you create a community.


Add a community name and customize to suit your brand by adding the logo. You can change the language from Default language after creating the community.


Landing Page: In this section you can set a background image for your Community Landing page and also write contents that you want to display on Community Landing page.


Set Theme: In this section you can select theme for your Community.


Modules: In this section you can enable modules for your Community.


Step 2: Under the “Edit Survey Option” click on the “Add New Question Link”, from community select the recruitment option.


Step 3: In the next step assign the panel you want to add the email to and click on save question.


The Question will get added to the Survey. Responses will be added to the Panel Automatically.