Social Media Integration

Create an engaged online community by utilizing Social Media to recruit customers and share important information.


Join over 10 million users

Social Media Integration

Even if you are not an active user in social media, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be extremely useful when building an online community. Don't fight social media...join the party!

As of the Q1 2016, Facebook had 1.65 billion active users and Twitter had 310 million users. With those kinds of statistics, it’s hard to ignore social media as a viable way to recruit and engage community members. QuestionPro Communities makes it easy for members to join using social media, share information, and recruit an engaged online community.

Join through Social Media Channels

Make it easier for new community members to join by enabling the option for sharing via Facebook integration, LinkedIn integration or Google integration.

Sharing Information

If a member wants to share an idea or topic from the community with their friends on Facebook or LinkedIn, they can post these for all their friends to respond. Sharing is caring!

Recruit Your Online Community

Once online community members share ideas and topics with their friends, any of their friends can join too! Recruit more members by using referral tracking links in blogs, social media sites, company websites and e-newsletters.