CX Customer Experience

What is CX?

CX stands for Customer Experience. CX is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with a company over the course of the time and the customer's feelings, emotions, and perceptions of the brand over the course of those interactions. The interaction can span from the in-store experience to the call-center and digital interactions, which can include in-app, mobile, desktop and tablet experiences. Lets say you have a chain of restaurants, and you wish to conduct surveys on customer satisfaction. CX will help you not just conduct the survey, but also flag which store is got the least satisfaction and why. This will help you focus on that particular restaurant and plan your business strategy accordingly.

Can you give a detailed example where CX can be used?

Let us say for example, you have a chain of restaurant, and there are various ways the customer can place an order:

  • Place the order on your website
  • Walk in and place the order
  • Place the order on app

Using QuestionPro CX, you can add a survey on each node of transaction, and understand the customer experience at that point. Below are the different types of surveys you can add:

  • Place the order on your website: Add Intercept
  • Walk in and place the order: Add Email
  • Place the order on app: Add Mobile CX
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