CX-Workflow Rules

With CX, you can now import just one data file for multiple surveys. This can be done with the help of CX Workflow. Find out how.

What are Workflow rules?

Workflow rules are the determinants of surveys that would be sent out to different customers from one data file.

How can I setup workflow rules?

Go to: Login » Customer Experience » Admin » Workflow

You can only add/update a new rule in the workflow if there are no pending transactions or existing FTP schedulers. This is restricted because when any rule is added/updated, the pending transactions and FTP schedulers does not sync up with the new rules

  • Click on Add Rule
  • Name the rule
  • Select the Segment, Product, Product group and custom variables for setting the criteria.
  • Select the Survey you want to send out for the above criteria
  • Select the Email template
  • Click on Save
The rule will be added to the list.
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In case any transaction gets matched to more than 1 rule, it will be mapped with the rule which comes first in the sequence.

What if none of the criteria matches?

You have an option to select a default survey in Workflow Settings section above "Workflow rules" section. Just select a default survey and click on Save.

The default survey will be sent out to the transactions, which do not align with any rule in the workflow.

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