CX- Multilingual Surveys | Language options - How to?

We support full internationalization (i18n) -- Including Chinese, Japanese ie. Multibyte Character Set languages.

How do I go about creating multilingual surveys in different languages?

  • First create the Survey in English/Main Language
  • Go to: Login >> Customer Experience >> Survey >> Edit >> Languages >> Add Other Languages
  • Select the language version and click on the Add Language Version button.
  • Selected Language version will get added. You can add multiple languages.
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  • Under Language Version first select the Language. Then enter the appropriate translated text and click on Save Question button.
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  • Repeat the above step for all questions in the survey. Please note that we only provide system prompts and messages for all the languages. The actual display text in the survey for questions/answers is not automatically translated! You will need to edit/enter the text in the required language.

On the live survey, after selecting the language I am getting the translation missing error.

If translation for the question/answer text is not added, you will see translation missing error. To resolve this issue, follow directions given above to add in translation for original question/answer text.

Where can I change Header, Footer, Survey Buttons, etc.?

System Validation Prompts will automatically be displayed in the correct language.

Note: In some cases we may not have the translations for all the prompts : In such cases, please contact technical support and we'll add the prompts in for you.

  • Go to: Login >> Customer Experience >> Survey >> Edit >> Languages >> Add Other Languages
  • Click on the Add General Text Translation Link
  • Now you can enter in the translations against the original text
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Can I get translations for my Survey?

  • Yes. We support survey translation in your selected languages.
  • Click on the Get Quote link for the appropriate language.
  • Add message and click on Get Quote button.
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I have a multilingual survey and I have added the translations,how can I print or download my survey in different languages?

Go to: Login >> Customer Experience >> Survey >> Languages >> Click on Print button

For each language added you will find the Print button to print the survey in that particular language.

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License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Customer Experience (Annual)

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