CX - Segment Overview

What is a segment?

A segment can be explained as your business entities, which you map into the system. By default, when the account is created you have a ‘Main segment’ added. The branches of this main segment can be added as a child unit. If you want to further add more level to map your business entities you can do so in a particular way. For example: If you are owner of McDonald’s then McD US, will be the Main segment and its branches across US will be Child segments.

What does various columns on the segment page represents?

When the user visits segment page, there are various actions which can be performed on this page. Following are the columns displayed on the page:

  • Name: The column displays the name of segment
  • Code: The column consists of segment code. This code has to be unique for each segment added. It is important to have the code as all transactions and data are mapped to specific segment through segment code
  • Managers: The column shows the count of supervisors added to the specific segment
  • Contacts: It represents the number of transactions added for respective segment
  • Location: It shows the information about where a segment is located
  • Parent: The column represents the name of parent segment under which the respective segment is added
  • Username/Key: This column is only visible if the Offline Survey option in Mobile tab under Settings is turned On. From this column user can map the username/key for offline data collection.
  • Actions: From the Action column user can Manage Supervisor, View Detractor Tickets, Add Child segment, Edit and Delete a segment

In addition to the columns, there are search, filter, Import and change view options too.

  1. On the top right of segment list, there are 2 icons:
    • Change View - On clicking it toggles the screen to show Tree view or List view
    • Search - On clicking, it enables the search bar and user can search for segment
  2. Besides the above 2 icons, there is a segment filter
  3. At the corner, there is a button - Import segments
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How to Add a segment?

Initially there is one segment added to the account. This segment is referred as ‘Main segment’. If you want to add more BU to the system, it can be done through 2 ways:

  1. Through Add Child option
  2. Import segments: There are two options in importing segments
    • Manually Adding Bulk segments
    • Importing through excel file
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Through the Add Child option you can only add one BU at a time.

  • Click Add Child under the Action column
  • Add the details of child segment and click Save button
  • The new child segment will be added to the list
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To learn how to add bulk segments, refer to Import segments

How can I edit, delete, search, filter segments?

Edit a segment

  • On the segment list, click More drop down under the action column
  • Click Edit option
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  • Add the details you want to the segment and click Save button
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Delete a segment

  • On the segment list, click More drop down under the action column
  • Click Delete option
  • If there is any child segment added, then delete option will not be visible to its parent segment

Search a segment

  • On the segment page, there is a search icon above the segment columns
  • Click Search icon
  • The search bar will be activated. You and type and press enter to search the results
  • The search is based on segment name, code, parent segment
  • To reset the search you can click x icon inside search bar, which will reset the segment list and close the search bar

Filter a segment

  • On the segment page, there is a Filter drop down above the segment columns
  • The filter drop down will show only those segments, which have at least one child segment
  • If there are no child segments added, the filter will say No data to display
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How to view detractor tickets assigned to a segment?

To view the detractor tickets assigned to a segment, click on Detractor link besides the segment.

  • Click on Business Data >> Segment >> Detractor
  • The new page will show list of all tickets assigned to the BU

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