CX Sub-Accounts and Permissions

Being a CX customer, you can have one or more sub-accounts. The admin will have to create the sub accounts from the application and then the CX feedback can be shared with any sub-account user. Once a feedback is shared with a sub-account user, it can access below modules:
  • Suvey
  • Deploy
  • Analytics
  • Action

How to add sub-accounts in CX?

  • To add Sub-Accounts go to:
    • Login »  Surveys »  My Account (Top Right Corner)
  • Click on Organization
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on Add User under Users
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Add a new User: Fill the below fields:
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Password (Confirm)
    • Security/Sharing Options: Select from the below two options:Separate Account - No Sharing/Shared Account
    This option will not affect the accessibility of CX modules
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How to share feedback system?

  • To share feedback system Login >> Customer Experience:
  • Click on Share Feedback
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  • Select the Email Addresses in the Pop-up and click Share. If the feedback is already shared with any sub-account user, it will be shown as selected
  • Click on Save
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What access rights do the sub-account users have?

The sub-account will have below access on a shared feedback survey:

  • Edit Survey
  • Copy Survey (Email templates will also be copied along with the survey)
  • Deploy Survey
  • Analytics
  • Action/Closed loop
  • Share feedback with other sub account users
Restricted features for sub-account users:
  • Admin features - settings, segments, managers, products, devices

How will sub-account users access shared feedback?

  • When sub-account users will login they will land on Survey tab
  • Go to Customer Experience
  • The shared feedback will be visible in the feedback list.
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I only have a single user account - does this apply to me?

No. This is only for Global Multi-User Accounts.

What license is required for sub-accounts and pricing for the same?

The CX sub-account works with the CX Annual primary account holders. If the primary account is CX Annual, you need CX sub-account annual.Contact Sales Team for CX Sub-account pricing.

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