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CSAT is a broad term that describes many different types of customer service survey questions. The goal of any CSAT score is to measure a customer's satisfaction level with your company's product, service or interaction.

It focuses on a specific interaction and not on wider relationship with the company (NPS measures this).

  • Scale:
    • 3 point scale (1-3)
    • 5 point scale (1-5)
    • 6 point scale (1-6)
    • 7 point scale (1-7)
    • 10 point scale (1-10)
  • Smiley Type:
    • 1-3 Smiley
    • 1-5 Smiley
  • Star Rating Type:
    • 1-3 Stars
    • 1-5 Stars

Scoring Model for CSAT

1. There is ‘Customer Satisfaction’ scoring model assigned to the CSAT question.

2. It assigns the top most value as ‘Positive’ response.

Example: You add a satisfaction question of 1-10 scale. The CSAT scoring model will assign the ‘Positive’ sentiment to score 9 and 10. Suppose, there are 20 responses received for this question.

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CSAT Scoring (Top Box) –

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As per the above formula, the “#of Satisfied Customers” are 10 and the “#of Satisfaction survey responses” are 20. Therefore, the CSAT score is 50%.

Mean CSAT –

Survey Software Help Image

As per the above formula, the “Sum of all Scores” are 137 and the “#of respondents” are 20. Therefore, the Mean CSAT is 6.7 rounded off to 7.

Steps to add CSAT Question

  • Login to CX.
  • Click on Create Survey button on top-right.
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  • Select Email Survey.
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  • Give a name to the Email Survey.
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  • Under Edit tab, go to: Add Question >> Advanced >> Customer Satisfaction
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  • You can change the Answer Type and Rating Scale by clicking on ‘Settings’.
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How to add CSAT Widget?

  • Login to CX.
  • Click on Analytics.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on ‘+ Add Widget’.
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  • Select ‘Survey’ from the widget type drop down.
  • From the next dropdown, select the survey for which you want to see the CSAT widget.
  • From the widgets displayed, scroll down and select the CSAT chart widget.
  • From the question drop down, select the CSAT question.
  • If you want to apply the filter, click on ‘Apply Filter’ toggle button. You can select the filters – Segment, Product or Product Group
  • Enter the name for your Widget and click on Save.
  • Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image

Change the scoring model for the widget

  • On the widget, the default score is ‘Top Box’.
  • Click on the 'Mean CSAT' button to view the Mean CSAT score.
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