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Email surveys are most commonly used. You can create an email survey and deploy it manually or automate the deployment via API or FTP. The process of sending Email and SMS survey includes importing *transactions in the system, survey selection, email template selection and delivery time selection. *Transactions - Every interaction with your customer is a transaction in CX. Say, you have a customer buying a book from you. This interaction is termed as a transaction. If the same customer buys another book from you, that is supposed to be considered as another transaction. Hence, you cannot send multiple surveys to one customer. Everytime you need to send a survey to a customer, you need to import the details of the transaction and the customer in CX.

To create an email touchpoint, go to:

  • Login >> CX >> Add Survey
  • Click on Email
  • Click on Select Type
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  • Enter the Survey Name and click on Add Survey.
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  • You will be taken to the survey with an NPS and an Comment Box question type. You may edit this question or add additional questions.

How do I send the email surveys to the customers?

To send the email or SMS Surveys, you need to import transactions in the system.

    • Go to Customer Experience >> Deploy >> Customers
    • Scroll down to Customer transactions section.
    • Click on Import
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      There are 2 ways through which you can import the transactions

    • Manual Import:
      • Enter contact details Manually.
      • Click on Import Contacts
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    • Excel Import:
      • Download the Contacts Import template.
      • Fill all the data and import the excel sheet.
      • Upload the excel file
      • Click on Upload and complete the import process
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Send Survey:

Go to: Customer Experience >> Deploy >> Distribute >> Send

  • Select Segment: The users of a particular segments to whom you want to send the survey. If you want to send it to all the transactions, just select the "main segment".
  • Transaction After: A particular date after which the transaction happened
  • Transaction Before: A particular date before which the transation happened
  • Select Survey: Select the survey which needs to be sent out to the customers
  • Select send options (Email, SMS, Email and SMS): Mode of sending the survey
  • Select Email template
  • Click on the number of customers to verify the list of recipients
  • Click on Next.
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  • Click on Update, if you want to change the From Name and Address
  • Select Immeditate Delivery under Delivery Time dropdown and click on Process Delivery to send the invitation immediately.
  • Or select Scheduled-Future Delivery and mention the deploy Date and Time. Click on Schedule Delivery , to schedule the invitation.
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License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Customer Experience (Annual)

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