Custom Variable Mapping

Custom Variables are special variables used to store additional information about your customers. You can use variable mapping to assign appropriate names to the variables.

To add variable mapping go to:

  • Login » Customer Experience » Admin » Mapping
  • Click on the Add button on the right side.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Select the Custom variables from the drop down.
  • Enter the display name in the corresponding Display Column.
  • Enter the Code for the custom variable and click the Save button.
  • Switch the "Analytics Enable" toggle on if you want a filter for that Custom variable on the CX Dashboard.
  • If the toggle is off, click on Save
  • if the toggle is on, select the type of variable - Categorical or Numerical
  • For Numerical type, put range of integers as the value
  • For Categorical type, put the relevant catergories as values
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  • Spaces are not allowed for the Code but the display name can have spaces.
  • The Code is used to refer to the custom variable on the Survey, Email Invitation, Thank You page or on Email Notifications. The display name will appear as a column header in response viewer and in raw data.
  • You can add 20 Custom variables at most.

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