Opt In Trigger for Exit Survey

What is Opt In Trigger

The opt-in trigger allows the user to choose whether they want to participate in the survey or not. If a user opts for the survey, only then they will be able to view the survey at the time of exit.

How do I set the Opt-in Trigger?

To set the Opt-In Trigger:

Go to:

Login >> Customer Experience >> Create Survey

Create an Exit Intercept survey and go to Intercept tab. In the intercept tab, click on 'Exit Pop Up Setting'.

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

To activate the 'Opt-In Trigger', turn on the Toggle button. You can customize the opt-in pop up title and message too.

When will the Opt-in Trigger appear?

When the user visits the website, then the Opt-in pop up will appear. It is based on the triggering rules set for the Exit survey. If it is set for 'New' user, only the new visitors will get the pop-up on their first visit to the website. If it is set for the 'Returning' user, then any returning visitor to the website will get the Opt-in Trigger.

What happens if someone answers 'No' in the Opt-in Pop up?

If a user answers 'No', then the Exit survey will not appear. The user will not get another Opt-in trigger at the next time of their visit. In this case, they need to clear the cookies and cache to view opt-in trigger again.

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