CX Scheduled Invites

This section displays the details about scheduled invites. You can see all the invitations which are scheduled for later delivery. Also, you can edit and delete the same.

How do I schedule an invite?

Login » Customer Experience » Distribute » Send

  • Import the transactions in the system and proceed to Step 2 of Send Survey.
  • Select the delivery option as "Scheduled - future delivery"
  • Select the Date and time for delivery
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Where can I view all my scheduled invites?

There will be 2 different tables for Scheduled New Invites and Scheduled Reminders

Survey Software Help Image
Go to Distribute » Scheduled Invites
You can find the list of all the scheduled deliveries with an option to edit and delete the invites. To edit any scheduled delivery, click on Edit option, which will appear when you hover on that particular invite.
Enter the new date or time at which you wish to deliver the invites.
Click on Save.
You can only edit the date and time of any scheduled invite. Email template will remain the same which was selected at the time of scheduling the invite
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Survey Software Help Image
You can view the updated time in the table itself.
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To delete an invite, simply click on Delete option which appears when you hover on that particular invite.
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