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Dashboard URL sharing give access to the supervisors to login and analyse their dashboard. The shared URL only works with the supervisors assigned to business units. Any other user will not be able to access the dashboard with this URL.

In order to share the Dashboard link for CX, go to:

Login >> CX >> Settings
  • Here you will find the Portal Link for the Dashboard.
  • Click on Preview, to view the dashbaord.
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How to generate the password for the supervisors to log into dashbaord?

To generate password for supervisors to log into dashbaord, go to: Login >> CX >> Business Data >> Supervisors Click on Email Password for the email address you wish to generate the password for. The password will be emailed to the respective email address.

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Can I customize the portal URL?

Yes, you can customise the portal URL.

  • To customize it click on the edit icon on the portal URL link.
  • Enter the customized URL link.
  • Click on Check and Save
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save Settings.
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