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What is the MS Excel export in surveys?

With QuestionPro, you export survey data to download an offline copy of your results in .xls format. You can then apply filters, create charts, or share the survey results with the team members to collaborate further.

Once you have received responses, you can export the data to excel. There is no need to select the columns or prepare the data for the export. If you receive a new response, update any response, or delete an answer, the newly downloaded excel file will reflect these changes.

If the number of responses is more than 5000, we split them into multiple sheets. The system will download a compressed zip file. You can open the excel files after unzipping the compressed file. You can filter and download responses based on the start and end date and response status.

Microsoft Excel limits the number of columns to 255, rows to 64k, and supports 1024 characters. If you cannot load the file due to these limitations, you can export results in .csv file or .spss file format.

Example of survey data exported in the excel format

Consider an FMCG company that wants to launch a new product in the market. The researchers have collected responses from participants that have diverse backgrounds. They have run the reports and gained actionable insights from the data collected. Before presenting their suggestions for the new product to the senior management team, they need to integrate the data from different sources to zero in an idea.

Market researchers can export the raw data in the form of a .xls file, merge data from other sources, and analyze data.


Uses of data exported to an excel file

Advantages of exporting raw survey data to the excel format

How to export data to the MS Excel in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on raw data export.