Email Your Survey

How can I set up the Survey Invitation Email?

Survey invitations can be accessed under:

  • Login » Surveys » Send » Templates

Survey invitations are survey-specific. Please make sure you have selected the correct survey. The active survey name is always displayed in the top right corner.

  1. Default template: For each survey, a default template is provided.
  2. Create New Survey Invitation: For each survey, you can create up to 10 templates.

How can I edit the Survey Invitation?

Click on the Template name to edit the survey invitation.


You can edit the following:

  • Subject:Subject for the email / survey invitation.
  • Message:Text for the invitation. You can use HTML in your invitation text. You can also insert images or attach files using HTML.
  • Insert Survey Link: Select from either the tracked respondent link (will appear as <SURVEY_LINK> or the anonymous respondent link (will appear as <ANONYMOUS_SURVEY_LINK>. This is also where you can update the Survey Link Text that will be displayed when a respondent sees the email.
  • Insert Variables: Select from buttons associated with the custom variables First Name, Last Name, or custom variables 1-5.


How can I send a survey via email using the email invitation?

Once you have made adjustments to the survey invitation email, simply finish the following steps to send the invitation.

  • Click on send.


  • Enter recipient email addresses (one per line), select from an existing email list, or create a new email list.
  • Click Send to send the survey email invitation to the desired recipients.