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What is an email survey?

Email surveys use embedded or linked studies sent via email to collect feedback on the research topic. Researchers target respondents directly using email addresses.

Emailing the survey is one of the most efficient methods of data collection since the respondent often knows the sender by brand, name, or organization.

It's easy to create email survey templates customized to your organization with example surveys from QuestionPro. Reuse your customized templates to collect new responses as needed. This feature saves time, is cost-efficient, and is easy to administer. Email surveys are one of the preferred survey distribution methods as they have high response rates.

Example of an email survey

For example, a cat food company wants to launch itself in a new region. Researchers can conveniently target and survey cat owners belonging to that location and collect actionable research data. Researchers can survey potential customers on the type of product; it’s price, packaging, and appearance, to name a few. They gather reliable information quickly and plan the product's release according to the tastes and needs of the target market.

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Uses of email surveys

Email surveys have been the go-to approach for survey data collection. Due to its convenience of use, it is widely used for various types of research. Here are the main instances where researchers make use of mobile surveys.

Types of email surveys

Surveys can be shared via email in two ways. One option allows respondents to take your survey in the body of the email. The other allows for longer surveys by having respondents click a link to access the survey in a web browser. Both methods are useful for collecting respondent answers fast so you can get the most out of your survey data.

Advantages of email surveys

Sending surveys via emails is a common approach used by researchers, especially in market research. Let's look at the advantages it brings:

How to email your surveys?

Learn how to use this feature with our help file on email surveys.

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