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When you do not have an email list for your survey distribution, you can embed the chat bot onto your website for instant feedback. Anyone surfing your website will be able to submit their comments very easily.

Go to: Login >> Forms >> Edit >> Embed

Copy and paste the code in the code written for your website. You could refer to your IT team for the same.

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Will my respondents be tracked if I use website embed?

When you embed the chat bot into your website, the ‘live’ survey link is used which is anonymous. So the email addresses will not be tracked.

But, I want to know the email addresses of my respondents who take the survey. How do I do it?

You could add a new email address question at the end of the survey and mark it mandatory. In that way the respondent will need to add their email addresses to complete the survey. When you download the report, you will find the list of email addresses.

Note: The Surveys cannot be converted into the Forms.
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