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Create engaging and conversational surveys

Use our robust surveys to power insights and transformative experiences. Our complete survey ecosystem allows for you to create, collect and analyze data that is truly meaningful to you.

Market research tools built by researchers for researchers

With conjoint, maxdiff, custom logic and quota management, all your market research dreams come true with our Research Edition license. Built to solve the most complex problems we can truly act as your partner throughout the process.

Enterprise level security, integrations, and collaboration

In such a rapidly changing world, you must be gathering feedback around your products or services consistently. To make that easy, you will have a personalized onboarding plan from our expert team of customer success managers. Always operate with peace of mind knowing you are under the most up to date privacy and regulatory standards such as ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI/DSS compliant. Never free growth because we are here to support your scaling needs of any size.

Support makes all the difference

Day or night our 24/7 customer support is trained and ready to support your success. We know not everyone wants to chat, so you have access to online guides and extensive FAQs, our Get It Done blog series, over 300+ free survey templates, weekly live training, and more.

Survey software designed for all kinds of research

We put improved functionality to work


Powerful integrations

You will never have to worry about your existing product portfolio because our online survey tool seamlessly integrates with over 100+ essential programs like Salesforce, Zapier, PowerBI, etc. to easily facilitate the flow of data.

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Reach the right audience

You will never again have to worry about reaching your right survey audience with access to over 22+ million double opt-in and mobile-ready panelists that are one click away through the survey platform.

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Custom survey services

We have developed custom survey services for you to leave the heavy lifting to us which leaves you to focus on what’s important. Be it complex survey setups or even survey design and logic, we’ve got you covered.

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Our survey tool is robust and built to uncover any possible insights that your brand needs. Make use of our custom training to become an expert user and have the power of the world’s best survey software at your fingertips.

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40 question types

40+ Advanced survey question types

The survey platform allows you to choose from a wide array of survey questions to help you ask the right questions and uncover mature insights for your brand. Easily set up the survey questions with our intuitive drag and drop facility or choose from our industry vetted survey templates and get started in seconds.

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Security and Compliance

Our secure, ISO compliant survey platform is geared to help you adhere to federal and local compliances and focus on just the data collection and insights generation. Run GDPR, CCPA, and section 508 compliant surveys that also host survey data in localized servers that take away the risk from your surveys.

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reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards

Uncover insights with analytics and statistics that matter. Create reporting dashboards that are easy to read and distribute to the stakeholders that can make the most impact. With comprehensive graphical representations, our survey data analysis is powerful, easy to understand and act on.

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Advanced survey features

Our survey software and the tool allows you to apply various logic types to help uncover deep insights with every survey response. Skip questions or sections, randomize and score your survey data for better decision making. Reduce the chances of survey dropout with simple-to-use but mature survey logic.

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Our powerful enterprise-grade survey features make our survey platform the best choice for all your surveys

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