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QuestionPro CX enables you to measure real-time customer experience using NPS, CSAT, CES, surveys and robust data analytics. Start mapping and improving your customer's journey today!

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Measure Customer Experience with Surveys and Analytics

Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

QuestionPro CX enables you to measure customer satisfaction using metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Reduce customer churn, improve satisfaction, identify your brand promoters and generate more revenue from existing customers.

Map & Track your Customer Journey

Map and track your customer’s entire journey with your company in real-time. Measure customer experience with location, department and various micro-level segmentation, using NPS, CSAT and CES questions and robust analytics dashboard.

Identify Net Promoters and Detractors

Identify and configure automated actions for your brand promoters and detractors. The CX NPS dashboards enable your business to not just identify your customers as net promoters, passives or detractors, but also set automated action items on survey responses for you to leverage your promoters and prevent detraction.

Comparative Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analytics

QuestionPro CX allows you to measure the NPS score company-wide or based on location, product or department. Furthermore, it enables a comparative analysis for various segments over a period of time on key performance metrics based on customer satisfaction like NPS scores, overall satisfaction, percentage of responses in extremely satisfied and very satisfied, comparing with competitors, etc.

Detractor Recovery

Detractor identification and management offered by QuestionPro CX is based on NPS survey response values and can be configured and automated to notify respective customer representatives to follow up with these customers, thus reducing the effort to analyze the entire data manually. CX software allows you to identify the detractors and helps you to resolve the issues promptly, to provide an effective customer experience program.

Promoter Amplification

QuestionPro CX does much more than just identifying your brand promoters among your customers, you can configure CX to take automated and smart actions on NPS survey response values and also showcase promoter responses on social media pages in just a click! CX can help you transform these customers into brand ambassadors, who in turn promote your brand on various channels.

Text and Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of unstructured text to extract relevant information and transforming this into useful business intelligence is offered by QuestionPro CX, which determines if the expression mentioned is positive, negative or neutral and to what degree, enabling you to understand the emotion behind the response.

Priority Matrix

The CX software offers you valuable infographics for analyzing the high impact areas of business and their respective NPS scores along with number of responses received to your surveys. It gives you actionable insights, focused investments in product/service improvements to deliver targeted customer satisfaction.

FTP Schedulers

QuestionPro offers you an automated scheduler to distribute repeat surveys and thus reduce the manual effort to do it every time. Just schedule the import of your customer database and send the surveys over and over again, thus giving you more time to address much more pressing issues.

CX Mobile App

The CX mobile App not only gives you an overview of the total number of responses to the surveys, NPS scores, number of promoters, passives and detractors in graphical format but also allows you to view all previous responses and NPS scores for business units, view individual scores of business units or child units if any, view detractor comments and status of the tickets generated for them and is available over Android as well as iOS.

CX Intercept and In-App Surveys

QuestionPro CX provides you with various types of intercept surveys such as pop up, feedback and exit surveys, which can be configured to trigger at a given point of time during the customer’s website visit without redirecting them to an external website.

Software Integrations

Seamlessly integrate and sync your customer data on QuestionPro CX with your existing CRM tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, Caspio, Google Sheets, Hubspot and many more using a host of powerful software integrations. These integrations utilize webhooks and APIs for seamless back-end data integration.

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Software Data Security

Survey data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro's survey tools. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified and fully GDPR compliant. SSL for survey and data is standard, and SSO is available.

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Full Turnkey Customer Experience Solution

Get holistic and turnkey solutions for all your customer experience needs under a single platform. QuestionPro CX powers specialized analytics and deep insights on all core customer experience metrics using NPS, CES, and CSAT. It enables you to not just collect accurate and data-oriented customer feedback, but also actionable insights using powerful analytics and dashboards on comparative scoring, satisfaction heat maps, priority matrix and much more!

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Custom Solutions & Services

QuestionPro helps you to enhance the effective measurement of customer experience by offering custom solutions to complement the CX software. Custom solutions such as survey development, custom development, customized branding and templates, translations, logic scripting, data drill on reports, data imports, software integrations, report scheduler, email delivered reports and custom trainings are services provided by QuestionPro.

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