Free Sample Survey Questionnaire Templates

Select any of our free sample survey questionnaire templates and start creating surveys, gathering insights and making smart decisions.

All survey templates are available for free, just click on the template of your choice and use them. All templates consist of ready made survey questions, are fully editable and sent to your survey respondents.

These templates have been created by research experts in the field of market study, customer experience, academic research and guidance from specific industry segment researchers.

Any template can be customized for your use.

List of Popular Sample Survey Questionnaire Templates

Customer Surveys : Give voice to your customers, collect feedback, measure satisfaction, increase customer retention, increase recommendations and Grow Your Business!

  1. Customer Satifaction Survey (CSAT) : A comprehansive survey for 360 customer satisfaction measurement. It includes the Net Promoter Score question and other important customer satisfaction evaluation questions.
  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey : A single survey question to be sent out at different customer touchpoints such as first customer visit, pre-purchase, post-purchase, customer service interactions etc.
  3. Product Satisfaction Survey : This survey is specific for product based customer satisfaction evaluation based on their use of the product.
  4. Voice of Customer (VOC) Survey : A complete survey to understand customer value proposition such as their satisfaction with the price they paid, the features they expected and the service quality they recieved.
  5. Customer Support Service Evaluation Survey : A survey questionnaire specific to gather insights on the quality of support provided to customers.

Market Research Study Surveys : Gather market insights before you launch a product or service. Get detailed information on your market segment through demographic and concept tests, undersstanding marketing effectiveness and conducting price based conjoint analysis survey studies.

  1. Demographic Survey : A simple and quick survey to collect demographic information
  2. Product Concept Testing Survey : A comprehensive test survey for your product concept. Its always better to first evaluate a concept for market feasibility before investing in execution.
  3. Event/Conference Feedback Survey : Events, seminars and conference are expensive. Send this survey to your attendees foor a complete evaluation of the event, understanding satisfaction and indentifying areas of improvement.
  4. Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation Survey : Spending on ads? A precise survey to evaluate your advertising effectiveness in the market.
  5. Pricing Concept Conjoint Analysis Survey : Conjoint Analysis is by far the most important pricing test. Use this sample survey and gather insights on the best price-to-feature strategy for any product or service.

Employee Surveys : Collect employee feedback to understand and measure the mood and morale of employees, what motivates them, how satisfied they are with their job and team engagements and more. Start creating a work environment which uplifts your employees and creates a winning work culture.

  1. Employee Benefits Survey : A powerful survey to understand how your employees percieve their benefits in the organization, what factors influence them and how you can grow them cost-efefctively.
  2. Employee Satisfaction Survey : A 360 employee satisfaction questionnaire to evaluate overall employee satisfaction with relation to the organization, job role and their relationship with their supervisors/managers
  3. Employee Engagement Survey : Engagement is not the same as satisfaction - but engagement surely leads to satisfaction in the long term. Evaluate and measure your employee engagement with this survey.
  4. Teamwork Satisfaction Survey : A precise survey to understand how well do your employees fit into their teams, their satisfaction, their pain points and what can be improved to develop a comprehensive teamwork enabling organizational plan.
  5. Exit Interview Survey : Existing employees have the most honest feedback to share - don't miss this oppurtunity to collect important feedback from employees who are moving on, why they are leaving, what could you have dont to make them stay, if they will recommend your company to other pottential employees and what reputation they hold in mind for your company.

Industry specific surveys: Some of our popular surveys are industry specific, such as, guest feedback from hotels and resorts, patient satisfaction survey for hospitals and medical institutions and so on. Here are some of our most sought after free questionnaires for specific industries.

  1. Hotel/Resort Survey for guest feedback : A survey that helps any resort, hotel or guest accomodation business can use to capture feedback from guests on various components of their staying experience.
  2. Patient Satisfaction Survey : Patient satisfaction is as important to hospitals and medical institutions as customer satisfaction is for other customer facing industries. This template evaluates patients and gathers feedback on their satisfaction across various types of interations with hospital staff, doctors and medical specialists.
  3. Fast food survey : This questionnaire evaluates fast food habits and purchase patterns with associated frequencies.
  4. Restaurant Survey : A sample questionnaire to evaluate a restaurant business on aspects such as food, ambiance and service quality.
  5. Online Shopping Survey : A 360 online shopping questionnaire template to evaluate buying behaviour, buyer demographics, browsing habits etc.

Academic Evaluation Surveys: Sample questionnaires for collecting feedback and evaluating students, courses, graduates etc. Use these templates and collect feedback for your education institution for incremental progress.

  1. Course Evaluation Survey : This questionnaire template asks questions for students to answer on various aspects of their course at their school, college or university. Collect feedback and evaluate student satisfaction with their cource, curriculum and teachers.
  2. Student Loan Survey : This survey evaluates a student's current financial situation pertaining to their student loans, if and how that is affecting their study courses and how they plan on dealing with these situations.
  3. Student Stress Survey : Student stress is a fact, and its growing, despite forseen consequences as such lowered academic performance, health issues at a very early age etc. Use this survey to evaluate the level of student stress at your institution and how you can help ease this stress.
  4. School Violence Survey : School violence is a major issue in many parts of the World, especially the United States. Use this survey template to evaluate student fear of violence eruptions, their frequency and gather insights on how to prevent them.
  5. University Exit Survey : Much like the employee exit survey, departing graduates and fresh aluminis are the best sources of feedback for your univerity/ college to make incremental progress through improvements.

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  • Click Use.

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select the specific template, then select the theme

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