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Manage your dealership feedback experience with DealerPulse

Engage with your customers right after sales or service transactions.


A turnkey solution that empowers dealers to gather valuable customer insights

DealerPulse is an easy-to-use affordable solution that helps dealers to gather instant data and take quick action on real-time customer feedback.

With tools such as NPS+, Closed-Loop feedback, Dashboard and Reporting, DealerPulse helps you to learn and predict your customers to reduce churn risk and deliver great experiences.

Get actionable insights to keep your customers happy

DealerPulse is built end-to-end for easy implementation to help you make business decisions. Identify root causes of customer dissatisfaction, turn customer insights into immediate action, and focus on areas that yield the most significant impact on your Dealership.
The subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Surveys (English/Spanish)
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Customer Support (24/7)
  • Full Access to Dealership Associates
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Engage with every customer at scale

Empower dealers with sponsored customer surveys to triage customer concerns and resolve issues before syndicated and OEM-sponsored surveys reach customers.

Depending on their given NPS+ score, customers get a survey that divides them in two:

  • Satisfied customers: They get redirected at the end of the survey to promote your dealership through the review sites of your preference.
  • Unsatisfied customers: If the score is low, the closed-loop feedback system triggers allowing Dealers to immediately follow up with the unhappy customer.
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Improve customer experience at your dealership by closing the loop

Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one with our turnkey solution DealerPulse.

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Learn more about DealerPulse

Why DealerPulse

DealerPulse empowers dealers to gain valuable insights on how your customers feel about your dealership offerings and what can be improved.

With DealerPulse you can:

  • Enable a quick pulse survey
  • Identify happy /unhappy customers
  • Engage customers in real-time
  • Take action to solve customer issues.
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Go over this quick demonstration of how DealerPulse works. .

  • Pre-survey customer data collection
  • Survey capture in real-time and workflow
  • NPS+ Dashboard
  • Closed Loop System.

What’s included

The membership includes unlimited surveys, access to the platform for 12 months, 24/7 customer support and onboarding assistance.

The program features pre-built sales and/or service:

  • Survey template
  • Customer invitation intake form
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Closed-loop ticketing system


Key DealerPulse differentiators

We arm you with the best CX features to engage further with your customers.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is based in two factors: customer experience and the degree of positive/negative emotions. Find out the underlying sentiment of your customers!

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Churn risk for Dealership

NPS+ and Churn Risk

Use NPS+ to isolate, identify and predict customer churn. Sway indifferent customers to advocates of your dealership using our satisfaction and loyalty predictive model in the churn process.

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Closed Loop

Unhappy customers appreciate dealerships that contact them to understand their concerns. Use our Closed Loop ticketing system to capture their feedback and gain real-time insights.

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With workflows you can simplify the distribution of your surveys. Allocate and distribute multiple surveys to different customers in the same data file. Automate the reminders for the survey invites sent.

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Disposition Metrics

Track how well you are able to reach and engage your customers along the Dealership customer journey. Provide the status of the email surveys that were sent for feedback and review the average open/click rate.

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dashboard for dealership

All-in-one Dashboard

Easily visualize in one place your CX program results with customizable widgets and chart types & labels. Track changes in responses each month and filter data to display specific results.

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Engage with your customers in real time with DealerPulse

Take action before customers have a chance to hurt your dealerships reputation online or even receive an OEM sponsored survey.

Neil Quaintance Testimonial Auto Dealership

“Out of the gate, DealerPulse helped my four dealerships in the Northwest bolster online reviews, as well as provided my managers with an action planning tool to quickly identify and resolve customer issues. I highly recommend DealerPulse for any dealers looking to improve their online reputation or better serve their customers.”

Neil Quaintance General Manager