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What is client feedback software?

Client feedback software and management platform is used to gather feedback from clients across the globe to measure, analyze, and improve client satisfaction. It is one of the most sought after tools in the company as it plays a pivotal role in gathering opinions, ideas and feedback from the clients. Client feedback is one of the biggest factors that decide organizational goals and define the long-term vision. Hence, businesses try to get user feedback in the best possible way by utilizing the best-in-class feedback software.

Benefits of client feedback software

Client feedback software is a great way to collect, manage, and analyze client inputs regularly. It depends on organizations how they use the feedback data and use it to boost their growth. When clients feel that the vendors are listening to them, they feel valued and the trust the brand more.

  • Opens a communication channel

    Client feedback software gives a chance to clients to express how they feel about your products and services. Through user feedback management tool, clients can let you know what works for them and what not. Having a two-way communication channel creates an impression that you care for your clients and their opinion matters.

  • Get feedback in real-time

    Businesses can work on the client feedback gathered at the point-of-experience through support chats, emails, social media, etc. Client feedback management tool collects data from various sources and gives results in real-time. Organizations can improve the service delievery based on collective response and close the feedback loop quickly.

  • Dashboard and analytics

    It is not enough to gather data from various feeds. Unless the data is presented in a way such that meaningful insights can be derived from it, merely collecting feedback doesn't add much value. Client feedback software can lead you to discover areas where clients can be pitched new products. Their feedback can be analyzed if any of their pain points can be addressed with new services.

  • Match results with goals

    Compare the survey results with the organizational goals and see where do you stand. It doesn't make sense to chase the target numbers, if the clients are not happy. Client feedback software allows you to measure client satisfaction levels and discover improvement areas. Details statistical reports like MaxDiff, Turf, GAP, Conjoint analysis and many others can help you better understand the pulse of the market.

  • Improve client experience and satisfaction

    Businesses can align their strategies and efforts to match client requirements and provide an awesome client experience. With a client feedback tool, you can create different types of feedback questionnaire and measure their experience at various levels of interactions with your business. If you keep the focus on client satisfaction, everything else falls in the right place.

  • Increase client loyalty

    Client feedback software lets clients share feedback on a regular basis and keep it transparent. This leads to a healthy client-vendor business relationship, increases client loyalty and leads to a stellar project pipeline. With client feedback management software, you can identify unhappy clients and do a quick follow-up.

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How to collect client feedback?

  1. Client satisfaction survey

    Client feedback survey software offers you a way to directly interact with your clients. Ask questions such that there is enough room for discussion. Open-ended text questions are best suited for client satisfaction surveys. Phrase the survey questions such that they sound personalized, friendly and formal.

  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    NPS reflects the probability of the client referring your business to others. Based on the rating, you can identify promoters, passives and detractors. A client feedback software can help calculate NPS score and help to take measures to increase client churn rate.

  3. Social Media

    Social media is another great way to gather client feedback to learn what they think about your products and services. Today, most people express their opinion in the form of likes, tweets, hashtags, comments or shares of the posts. By doing sentiment analysis of the social media posts, you can have a clear perspective of clients' experience.

  4. Polls

    Polls offer a quick way to gauge the client satisfaction levels. Online polls usually have one single option multiple choice question and require just a click to answer. Online polls are commonly used in gathering public opinion, both within and outside the organzation.

  5. Focus groups

    Focus groups identify the reactions of a group of people for a particular product or service. Qualitative data methods are used to understand the client experience and derive valuable insights.

  6. Website form

    Website contact us forms are conventional methods of asking client feedback. The customer support staff keeps a watch on queries, support requests, or complaints submitted through forms. Send a one-on-one reply and make sure if it resolved their query. Follow up with an email survey and find out if they are happy or require further help.

  7. Email

    Email is another traditional method to collect client feedback. You can request your clients to spare a few minutes and share their experience with your services. However, it is difficult to implement analytics over such old-fashioned mechanisms and so is not the best way for enterprise sized companies.

What makes a good client feedback software?

Without any good software for collecting client feedback, it would be too time-consuming and tedious to measure and analyze the survey data. While the market is flooded with number of feedback management tools, below are some of the must-have features in an efficient client feedback management platform.

  • Comprehensive choice of question types

    Depending on the types of insights that need to be extracted, a survey can consist of different types of questions. Market research companies often generate advanced reports and so need special question types such as MaxDiff, Matrix, Conjoint, NPS, etc. Ppen-ended questions have a wider scope to collection information about their experiences. You can use various question types or use ready-made survey templates.

  • Various distribution channels

    Client feedback surveys need to be distributed through multiple channels such as email, offline mobile app, QR code, social media, etc. A good client feedback software must support these channels to make it easily accessible to customers.

  • Easy-to-use UI

    A good feedback management software shouldn't require much effort in finding what they need. It must have intuitive user interface with a great aesthetic appeal.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Reports and dashboard analytics are one of the primary requirements of market research companies. A good client feedback software should do all the hard work of transforming raw data in graphs and charts that make sense. Dashboard offer a quick overview of how your surveys are performing and response statistics of important questions.

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