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Definition of feedback management software

Definition: A feedback management software is a system of processes and software that empowers enterprises, businesses, non-profit organizations and all such entities to manage and deploy surveys centrally ensuring dissemination of authority and analysis. A feedback management software ideally is a web tool or portal designed to collect, distribute, and analyze feedback data so it can be turned into strategical decisions for future developments. In addition to that, the software also enables the provision of roles and authorities to a different level of software users.

Whether it is a workplace, business or an enterprise, everybody needs feedback at one or the other point. Feedback collected from different entities like customers, clients, employees, dealers, stakeholder, etc. help in evaluating the current performance of the product, services or the workplace. Be it negative or positive; feedback is used to understand the satisfaction level of different entities and strategize the steps necessary to be taken to enhance product performance.

When you deal with the feedback, we are speaking about abundant of data, not just one or two feedbacks. It is fairly easy to speak with one or random people but when thousands of people want to be heard you don't just need a dashboard to listen to their voices, but you need a perfect solution that will help you extract sense out of the feedbacks. This is where feedback management software comes in.

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Why use a feedback management software

Different organizations use feedback management software for different reasons. However, all have a similar purpose of developing deep-rooted relations with their customers, employees, stakeholders, etc. The best thing about the software is you can categorize different stakeholders depending on their interaction or association with the organization. Using quality feedback software always pays off, especially while analyzing the feedback responses from the different entities and grouping them together to get a detailed view of the business environment.

Key benefits of using feedback management software

Getting feedback means collecting data and when it comes to data, you need a competent feedback survey software that is capable of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. A better data collection results in better assessment of customer needs through customer feedback surveys, employee satisfaction related to jobs, workplace, etc, through employee feedback surveys, and others. The data collected through feedback surveys have a paramount value for organizations as it can be used to gauge customer insights, enhance marketing, sales, and strategize future product development. Here are some of the measurable benefits of using feedback management software.

Improve performance:

Feedback is a contextual data giving an insight about what is working related to your products or services and what needs to be improved to perform well. Even though you have the best brains in the industry to operate the business, their professional expertise and skills will not be of much value for business performance than the consumer or employee insights. Unbiased feedback offers a clear expectation of performance. It helps in boosting the confidence of the team to perform even better by focusing on areas that need improvement and by aligning the business objectives.

Measure satisfaction:

The satisfaction of business stakeholders be it, consumers or employees play a crucial role in determining the financial performance of your business. Remember, your financial performance is directly related to different benefits such as an increase in market share, lower costs and higher ROI. Therefore, you need to make sure that your consumers, employees, clients and other parties involved are satisfied with the products and services you are offering. Obviously, the best way is to take surveys for opinions with rating based questions like Net Promoter Score an Customer Effort Score.

Value opinions:

By asking your consumers, employees and other parties involved for a feedback, you actually pass on a message that their opinion matters and you value their opinions. Additionally, the customer feedback survey or the employee feedback survey is a process to reinstate the fact that their opinions play an important role in shaping the companies’ future business strategies, eventually extending a belief of belongingness in respondents. Listening to their voice creates a strong bond between them and your business. In fact, by asking for their opinion you put them in a central position seeking unconscious loyalty from them.

Create the best experience:

In a competitive business world, customer experience or employee experience plays a pivotal role in shaping business strategies. Better customer experience is not only limited to selling the products/services, but it goes beyond that - as a matter of fact, it starts here. Customer feedback helps you focus on the areas that really matter be it after sales service or be it winning their confidence. A focused approach to providing a better experience at every touch point ensures enhanced loyalty from business stakeholders. The best way to do it by asking people about what they like most about your product/service and what should be improved.

Enhance retention:

When customers or employees are satisfied, chances are more that they will leave with the company, but their dissatisfaction will lead them to your options. When you have reliable data to work on your weaknesses, you ought to enhance overall customer satisfaction resulting in Make it a practice to regularly ask for opinions and feedbacks so that you can always stay on the pulse of dissatisfied customers or employees to find a precise solution to their issues. This is a perfect movement to win the loyalty of every dissatisfied person associated with our business.

Better business decisions:

In a highly competitive market, you never take decisions based on your gut feeling. It is a fair practice to collect different kinds of data for developing different business strategies for the future. Undoubtedly, feedback is the prime tangible data that can be used effectively to make efficient business decisions. The insights gathered from the feedback allow you to put your money in the right place and expect a handsome ROI.

Kinds of feedback management software

Although, you can create a customized survey using feedback software and by adding different types of questions, there are few outstanding online survey software allowing users a more granularity in creating a feedback survey. Below are a few things that you will notice in different online survey platforms,

NPS Survey: This is one of the best kind of tools to collect feedback related to the product, services, workplace or anything that matters for your business. An NPS Survey consists of a single Net Promoter Score question asked directly. It is either “how likely would you recommend…” or “on a scale one to ten how likely will you…”. Respondents then respond to the survey question on a scale from 1 to 10. Answers to these questions are then analyzed to understand how many respondents are promoters, neutrals, and detractors.

CES Survey: A Customer Effort Score Survey is similar in many instances with the NPS Survey, as it also concludes with a single question. The question mostly relates to how was it for customers to get the right support they need. Answers to these questions are analyzed to isolate the respondents based on their satisfaction related to customer support so as to understand the loopholes in the customer service and act on evading them.

Customer satisfaction surveys: In a customer satisfaction survey, you can ask a variety of questions depending on a particular experience associated with your company. The survey can be related to anything from company sponsored event to launch of the product and from updated features to seeking expectations from the customer stakeholders. The customer satisfaction survey is by far the most suitable medium to gauge satisfaction based on support services and understand if there is any scope of improvement to enhance the satisfaction level of participants.

How to find the best feedback software

Feedback is an important aspect of doing business. Numerous organizations value customer and employee feedback which can be anything complaints, suggestions, or requests. A good organization rests after getting feedback, in fact, their work starts after they get feedback data. The feedback data achieved through feedback surveys or polls is used to expand services or enhance products in such a way that it fulfills the overall satisfaction quotient. In short, we can say that customer feedback management software helps companies to make good use of the data so as to better respond to the market changes and meet consumer demands.

If you are searching for a comprehensive customer feedback management software, here are a few things you must consider

  1. Ease of use:

    When you are looking for a SaaS, then obviously you understand that technology is evolving to make human lives easier. Therefore, before making any final decision, ensure that the software you are using is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to be used in a team. Here are a few pointers that will help you understand if the software is actually easy for use or not Check out the online reviews of the software and look especially for ones mentioning the ease of use.

    Look if the software vendor provided any tutorials or training videos, that will help understand the precise way of using the software to its fullest potential. Additionally, also find if they have posted any webinars or podcasts dealing with the software intricacies.

    Without fail, get a better idea of their support structure, find out if they provide support as and when required. Find answers to the questions like kind of support, charges applicable, how soon support is made available, do they have dedicated support available, etc. Lastly, check that the feedback software comes with the help files or you will be on your own.

  2. Availability of add-ons

    When anyone is entertaining your survey, he/she is actually wasting their precious time. It is your duty to value his/her inputs by rewarding them appropriately. Check out is the software has

    • Optimum functionality to reward reviewers in any form, like incentives, coupons, vouchers, etc.
    • In addition to that, make sure that the survey tool or the feedback software you choose allows you to add branding elements to your survey so that consumers can stay connected with your brand throughout the course.
  3. Features that make sense

    In a long haul, the feedback software is going to be the best buddy of your organization. Therefore, don't just look for beautiful software, but ensure it is intelligent too. Here are some features that you must find in good customer feedback software or an employee feedback management software.

    • Check out if the software allows integration between it and your existing CRM
    • Do the software provides pre-designed feedback templates for different scenarios
    • Is the software designed to add logic in the survey questionnaires
    • Find out if the software has a variety of question types to make the survey interesting and engaging.
    • Are there enough options to share my survey on different platforms like email, SMS, website, etc.
    • Also, check out if the surveys will be mobile responsive or not.
    • Lastly, prefer software that has an online-offline mobile app to stay connected even when you are disconnected from the internet.
  4. Reporting and feedback analysis

    After all, nobody wants the feedback data to seat idle. In fact, a quality feedback management software is incomplete without an in-depth reporting and analysis functionality supported by an equally efficient dashboard.

    • Prefer a software providing an amazing automated analysis at full scale.
    • Using data analysis tools must not be complicated. Settle for a tool that gives you a comprehensive report or a graphical presentation within just two clicks.
    • It is good if the analysis tools are accessible at every level and by every team member.
    • Sometimes viewing the reports is not the ultimate solution, in fact, the users must be able to download the reports in different formats like excel, docs, PDF, etc.
  5. Integration and Flexibility

    Do you think if it is of any use if the feedback software you choose fails to integrate with other apps you are using in the organization? Whether you want to request feedback through CRM or you want to push data from Salesforce, the software has to flexible enough to integrate with the third-party applications.
    • When you want third party connectivity then prefer a software offering flexible RestAPI protecting data with a custom API key.
    • Ensure that the integration must be easier and not a riddle that will take days to solve.
    • Check out especially those third-party apps like Zapier, SalesForce that you want to integrate with the feedback tool you will be opting for.

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