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What is customer feedback software?

Customer service feedback software is a tool that enables you to create and send out customer surveys. These surveys allow you to collect feedback directly from your customers. You can use customer responses to analyze data and get better insights into your products and services.

Using feedback software, you can begin to identify your brand's promoters and detractors. Their responses will help you make better business decisions to meet customer needs. Feedback surveys and polls serve as an efficient way to collect responses.

Most survey software includes preset questions, templates, and question types so you can create a survey in minutes. With a user-friendly UI, you can send your surveys through email, SMS text message, or embed it onto your website. Powerful customer feedback analytics software takes the responses you collect and analyzes it to produce real-time reports.

Read on to learn how to use feedback software to improve your products and services.

Advantages of customer feedback software

  • Helps you better understand your customers

    Unless you can read minds, you need to ask customers about their experience with your business. Feedback software lets you ask questions to your customers and record their responses. Their answers will help you understand their requirements, preferences, opinions, and ideas. It will help you gather insights about which features of your products and services they like and which they do not. You can use this data to update your products to fit their preferences best.

  • Collects many responses in no time

    With customer service feedback software, you can distribute surveys through email, SMS, social media, or your website and reach your audience quickly. Collecting user feedback and suggestions into a central location allows different teams and departments to collaborate within a single software solution. You can use results to find out the most popular services and ways to meet your company goals.

  • Enables collecting experience data in real-time

    Human beings aren't great at remembering everything. One of the factors affecting the accuracy of survey results is the point of time the feedback is collected. Hence, gather feedback soon after the time of experience. Gather data the moment your customers interact with your brand by using feedback software. You can distribute online surveys once customers complete a transaction with you.

  • Enables you to improve your customer experience

    If you don't know what customer experience is like at your business, you won't be able to improve on it. Use customer experience surveys to collect data directly from your customers. Gain insights from the survey results to improve your service level and give your customers an excellent experience. With the right reports and dashboard analytics, you'll never have to guess whether customers are happy, not-so-happy, or about to leave.

  • Contributes to business growth

    When you work to improve the customer experience, it leads to higher customer satisfaction. Your customers will be more loyal to your business and become your brand ambassadors. You can use free customer feedback software to collect data and improve the customer experience, which will increase sales at an affordable cost.

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How can you collect customer feedback?

  1. Surveys

    Customer experience surveys consist of various question types and can be distributed through many channels. You can use a ready-made customer satisfaction survey template or create an entirely new questionnaire for your business. You can also customize the customer experience survey theme to match the look and feel of your brand. Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys ask customers how likely they are to refer your business to others. It is an important metric to target disgruntled customers.

  2. Social media

    Customer feedback management tools can fast-track gathering data by sharing the survey questions on leading social media platforms. This data can be combined with data from other sources and used to generate reports.

  3. Polls

    Online polls are another great way to gather public opinions quickly, so respondents aren't spending too much time on their answers. After answering the poll question, it shows the percentage distribution of total votes. Respondents can see how others have responded to the questions and compare their responses with those of their peers.

  4. Website forms

    Most websites have a "Contact Us" form, which customers can use to share their feedback with the company. Businesses should quickly respond to feedback, especially negative feedback. Even a quick acknowledgment of the receipt of the form can help customers feel heard. You can interact with them later and learn more about their experience.

  5. Website traffic analysis

    Website traffic is a good indicator of how well customers like your products or services. Higher traffic and increased conversions are often considered a positive experience. A detailed analysis of a visitor's journey and their time spent on each page can give insights into which pages perform the best and which need improvement.

  6. Email

    Request customer feedback through email by using the customer feedback platform. Customer experience emails are an excellent way to collect a high number of responses. However, this method is not scalable, as too many emails will make it impractical to respond to each one. Direct email correspondence is best used for specific cases where you need to know a customer's opinion. For example, you might follow up with a customer to learn more about their experience if they left a negative review of your business.

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