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What is meant by website feedback software

Definition: Website feedback software is an online tool that helps website owners to collect qualitative data from website visitors or customers. The feedback is collected via online feedback surveys used as a popup or as website integration containing a series of questions related to a specific website element. The software is also capable to interpret the collected data for enhancing the overall visitor experience. Apart from surveys, sometimes heat maps, click maps or session recordings are also used to understand the user or visitor behavior and the data collected is then analyzed to understand and work on the negative points. However, these tools are subjected to an increased degree of subjectivity from the website owners perspective.

Feedback software used for websites is a definitive tool to understand the positives and negatives of your website, to analyze what visitors like most and what they dislike. The data thus collected gives helpful insights about strategizing the intended website development in the future to provide an even better online experience to the visitors.

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Types of website feedback surveys

The type of website feedback survey is directly dependent on what kind of website feedback is wanted by the website owner. Each feedback survey serves differs in design, questions, and intentions but every website feedback has the ultimate goal of providing better user experience by working on the discrepancies communicated by the visitors in response to each survey. Here are some of the highly competent types of website feedback surveys commonly used to gauge the website performance

NPS Surveys:

Net Promoter Score or NPS Surveys are used to analyze the overall degree of satisfaction website users have in relation to the brand. A single NPS question is the major highlight of this survey. However, apart from this single question, two more questions asking the name and email address of the respondent makes sense in marketing as well as from a database perspective.

Usually, a typical NPS survey question looks like “On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our website to one of your friends or colleagues".

The respondents are then categorized based on their responses - Detractors, Passives, and Promoters. Such classification proves useful in the long run as targeted surveys help in understanding what changes must be implemented to convert detractors into passives and passives into promoters. Remember, an NPS score above zero is satisfactory but the score above is excellent.

User experience survey:

User experience is one of the prime elements associated with the success of your website, whether you are launching a new feature, new add on, new User interface or enhancing the current website.

It is easy to create a user experience survey using an online survey maker tool. If you want to create a lengthy survey then ensure to use open-ended as well as close-ended questions as and when necessary.

As far as possible, ask easy and simple questions, simultaneously avoid asking leading questions. On the contrary, if you want to keep the survey short and sweet, then ask a single multipoint scale question covering all the elements which could help you gauge the user experience.

Lead capturing survey:

Most of the website owners use lead capturing surveys as a double-barreled gun. These surveys not just help in collecting qualitative data but also help in collecting user information. Recent research shows that 45% respondents are interested to spend not more than 3 minutes on a survey and only a third of them said they are willing to spend more time only if the surveyor is offering something in return. Therefore, keep the lead generation survey as simple and as short as possible.

Make it point, if a respondent replies negatively then give them the option to opt out of the survey because there is no point in asking non applicable questions to a random visitor.

Take advantage of the branching and survey logic features provided by a good online survey software platform to design your surveys.

Cart abandonment survey:

Cart abandonment survey is a kind of exit survey designed to understand the precise reasons leading to cart abandonment on an e-commerce website. This is a targeted survey and specifically designed to understand why the customer has abandoned his/her cart in the middle. The data helps website owners to understand the areas of improvement. Possible problems in the checkout process, issues related to pricing, difficulty in understanding the product, or to enhance the product offering.

Abandonment survey can be used as a website popup or as email surveys having direct questions asking the reasons for cart abandonment.

How to create a website feedback survey

Regardless of the type of website feedback survey you want to create, you can easily create all types of surveys using QuestionPro’s online feedback survey platform. The best thing about this survey platform, you don't have to take a paid membership to create the feedback survey, even if you have a free account you can easily create and use a website feedback survey to analyze the performance of your website.

You can create feedback surveys in QuestionPro either using a template already made available by them or by creating a customized survey from scratch. In addition to that, you can use skip logic, branching and various other forms of survey logic to ensure your targeted surveys are sent to the right people with the right questions.

Now let's see how to create a feedback survey in QuestionPro,

  • Go to If you are an existing user, log in using your credentials or create a free account by pressing the blue colored “FREE ACCOUNT” button.


  • Once you are logged in, click on the “SURVEYS.” button places in the top left corner of the page
  • A pop-up appears
  • Go to ‘Forms’ sections placed at the sixth position from above


  • Go to “+New Form” - press the button to create a new website feedback survey


  • Create a new feedback survey from scratch:
  • To create a new website feedback survey from scratch ‘Enter the Form Name’ and press “Create Form”.


  • You will get a blank form - start adding questions by pressing the “Add Question” present in the middle


  • After pressing the Add Question button, you will see a square pop-up emerges in the right-hand corner - the pop-up shows the kind of questions you can opt for or you can use to create your website feedback survey


  • Create a new survey using a template:
  • Go to “+New Form.” - press the button to create a new website feedback survey


  • Go to “or use a template” press the button to create a survey using a template


  • Select the template you want to use or the one suitable for your website feedback purpose
  • A Pop-up displaying the template in the working form will appear
  • Press the “Use This” button placed at the right-hand bottom of the pop-up


  • Bravo! your website feedback survey is ready


Advantages of website feedback software

A website feedback software allows you to hear the voice of the customer and collect valuable feedback on the website by particularly focusing on the visitor experience. The major advantage of such kind of tools is to gather feedback from the website visitors without annoying them or without interrupting their website browsing journey. E-commerce website owners are delighted to use customer feedback software to create surveys for understanding what features they expect in the website, reasons behind cart abandonment, what products and offers atrract them and the right time to in as it is non-invasive especially when a customer is trying to purchase something or find a product of his/her choice. Apart from that, here are some major advantages of using website feedback software,

Get feedback anytime and from anywhere

It all starts with a commendable feedback survey; question types, tone of questions and options to embed or utilize that survey in the website. All QuestionPro feedback survey forms are created in such a way that they seamlessly embed in your website, your visitors will like they are part of your website which has been there all the time. The surveys can be embedded anywhere or on any page of the website. The intuitive appearance, user-friendly display, and the ease to answer each question make the survey look like two-way communication. Overall, the survey is easy to take and the visitor can provide website feedback anytime and from anywhere.

Eliminate assumptions, demand contextual insights

Rather than asking users to analyze the entire website, it is always better to ask users to simply select a specific part of the website to give their feedback. By introducing a textual question in the feedback survey so that users can explain the webpage or a specific web element will save you from unnecessary guesswork. In addition to that, allowing users to upload a screenshot of the website section further reduces your guesswork. A precise understanding of the website element regarding which the user has issues allows website owners to immediately look into the same and either rectify the issue or carry out immediate improvements saving time, cost, and efforts.

Enhance the quality and quantity of feedback

Every feedback campaign is supposed to collect even more insights and an active tool allowing to gather feedback on a continuous basis improves not only the quantity but also quality of the feedback received. One of the better ways to enhance the quantity and quality of the feedback is by a full-page survey questionnaire like exit survey. You can use this survey for targeted audiences like loyal customers, repeat visitors, repeat buyers, etc. In addition to that, you can also create targeted surveys for targeted audiences based on their user behavior, browsing habits, demographics, and buying behavior. A properly placed NPS question will lead you to understand why your visitors aren‘t converting into leads.

Take full control of the feedback campaign

The major aim of any feedback management software is to make the job easier for everyone, including the website owner and the visitors. A low-code development platform with a drag-and-drop interface ensures anyone irrespective of his/her technical knowledge can use the online platform to create feedback surveys, embed them, collect and analyze results in like a pro. Get in full control of the feedback survey and implement changes whenever you want and make them live.

View, analyze, and download real-time feedback

Get a comprehensive feedback management dashboard which can be used as a hub to manage, control, and share real-time feedback from visitors. With the single dashboard, you can monitor and view feedback at any time, analyze live feedback, apply filters to analyze results, activate email notifications export or download the results in your chosen format. Being in control of the feedback campaign you can view results in pie charts, graphs, heat maps and watch over changing trends in real-time. All these features and functionalities allow you to act instantly on any negative feedback so even the respondents will know that their suggestions and feedback matters.

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