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Student Feedback software

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What is student feedback software?

Student feedback software is used to collect feedback from students on various aspects of education like quality, relevance, method of teaching, teachers, logistics, etc. You can also use these tools to survey your students about an event, their experiences as compared to the expectations, or learn more about their opinions about a certain topic.

Student feedback software helps you to improve student, campus, faculty, and alumni experience. You can identify what are the improvement areas that need attention. Such tools offer a voice to the students and help academic institutions to improve the graduation rates, applicant experience, and alumni giving.

Benefits of student feedback software

  • Improve educational outcomes

    Mission-driven schools are committed to giving the best possible educational experience to students so that they can make world a better place. A proven feedback software for educational institutes lets you know the viewpoint of students and their ideas on how to improve the education. It gives students, faculty, management, and alumni a channel to express their ideas, opinions, and suggestions.

  • Reduce dropout rates

    Student feedback software lets youcheck if students are repeatedly dropping out of any course or class. This implies that the students are not happy with the education provided or they might be some factors that are hampering them from attending classes. In any cases, this allows academic institutions to increase the attendance and pass-out rates. Also, if many students are scoring low grades in a particular course or aren't enjoying the experience of learning, it throws light on the effectiveness of the concerned faculty and you may ask them to change their method of teaching.

  • Analyze faculty & university

    Sometimes, education institutes are interested to carry out some activities or run feedback campaigns discreetly. This allows students to provide honest and unbiased feedback about some pressing issues, they otherwise would not have communicated. With an efficient email feedback software, it becomes easier to reach out students even outside the campus and motivate them to speak regarding the effectiveness and relevance of their course material, lectures, current courses, and syllabuses. In addition to that, the same software and the same method can be used to find out the most favorite faculty amongst students and also understand the reason behind it.

  • Increase student satisfaction

    Once you gather student feedback, it helps in making data-backed decisions intended to help students. This will increase the satisfaction levels amongst them and realize better value for money. With student feedback software, you can analyze what works for a group of students and what not. Also, what works for a set of students, may not work for others. Hence, student feedback software prevents faculty and management team taking generalized decisions.

  • Automation

    A dedicated feedback management software can be configured to send an automated invitation email having a link to survey whenever a student enrolls for a course. Once the student fills up a survey, get real-time notifications and alerts for all education feedbacks and surveys. You can get instant emails for new feedback at schools, colleges, and universities. Use student feedback software to get real-time, actionable feedback and take quick action to address concerns.

  • Dashboard & reports analytics

    Student feedback software helps you standardize feedback gathering mechanism across all departments and campuses, no matter in which part of the world they are. Filter results based on demographics and use the location-based report to compare the performances of each campus. Create date-comparative reports to compare student satisfaction levels over time. Get an overview of student response rates on the dashboard and what do they think about the questions that are important to you such as the quality of the education.

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Who can use student feedback software?

  1. Schools

    Schools can set up student feedback software to understand if the students are enjoying studying at their schools and if there is anything they would like to change. Such feedback management software capture student feedback about their experiences in the school, quality of education, effectiveness of the lectures and proficiency of the teachers. Capture feedback from students of any age group and customize the look and feel of surveys to have the logo of your school and match the psychology of students. For instance, create attractive picture based surveys for small kids. You can make it a fun experience for them to answer smiley and star-rating survey questions.

  2. Universities

    Student feedback software can be deployed in colleges and universities to collect feedback regarding campus premises such as the cafeteria, dormitory, library, classrooms, etc. The comprehensive student feedback questionnaire collects their opinion on professors, class timings, teaching assistants and student coordinators. In case, you feel students might not want to reveal their identity, you can also send out anonymous feedbacks. To increase the response rates and accuracy of the data request them to fill up the survey right after the class.

  3. Coaching Institutes

    Using student feedback software, you can ask students why did they choose your institute as compared to others and what in particular are they expecting from you. At the time they finish their course, you can check if you matched their expectations and if there was anything they should improve. Capture their experience after every class regarding the pace of the class, whether the instructor has enough knowledge of the subject matter, do instructors use enough examples and case studies while explaining, are they polite and punctual enough, etc

  4. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) Websites

    Many working professionals enroll in online courses to further their education while working. They have their specific course and flexibility expectations from the online courses. With student feedback software, collect feedback on satisfaction with the depth and difficulty level of content, the pace of the instructor, class duration, timings, and technical logistics through online student feedback software. Ask questions on whether the online courses actually add value to their professional and academic qualification, are they satisfied with the course and if they need additional help to succeed at their workplace.

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