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About email feedback software

Feedback is definitely one of the prime sources to understand what our customers expect from us. Don’t you feel the necessity to get inputs directly from your customers, clients, or stakeholders? This is what email feedback software is about - cashing on lost opportunities.

Feedback, irrelevant to how it is collected helps the business to understand the ‘why’ for specific things carried out by customers with your brand. Why people are interested in only one service when your company offers a plethora of services, why customers like your brand, what difference does it have compared to the competition, and why your stakeholders are upset with the way you conduct your business.

After, matching the feedback with analytic results you will probably understand where your business stands. Moreover, you will know the issues that need to be prioritized and problems needing a quick fix to create newer opportunities. Although there are different ways of collecting feedback, online surveys have always been the first priority and a widely used option for ice breaking.

Create Your First Feedback Survey

Use surveys for feedback

An online survey has always been primitive, trusted, and compliant way of collecting feedback. It is easy to create a survey using an online survey maker tool like QuestionPro. The best thing is the majority of email feedback software is they have pre-designed survey template questionnaire designed elaborately to cover almost all the questions you wanted to ask your customers. Apart from that, the tool also provides the flexibility to create a feedback survey from scratch or by customizing the readymade template to meet specific business needs.

There are plenty of benefits of using an email feedback software and one of them surely is to create or upload a comprehensive email list. This email list contains details of existing customers, visitors, stakeholders or website, blog, social media, or brand followers. Once the email list is created and updated in the survey designing tool, feedback surveys can be shared in a minute.

How to get most out of your email feedback surveys

Many times it happens that the survey results fail to meet expectations. If you are looking to reduce the churn rate and increase the overall survey response rates, if you want a feedback response from a large number of people in a simple and quick way, then you need to follow these guidelines.

Understand the motive behind conducting email feedback

  • First, you need to understand for what purpose you are seeking feedback from your customers, visitors, or stakeholders. Let the reason be anything from product enhancement to service inclusion and from improvising support to shortening delivery time.
  • Your feedback survey must focus on retrieving only useful information. As far as possible, keep the questionnaire focused on one specific area of business, it will give an opportunity to respondents to be critical of that one particular business aspect.
  • Remember a feedback survey carried out without a motive is actually wasting precious time of the respondents as well as that of your company. Save time by adding precious questions relating to the area if the business you intend to bring a difference.

Prefer open-ended questions

  • Make sure that questions you ask are not just limited to Yes/No or giving 5 out of 10 ratings. Ensure your questions are designed to accept free flowing answers. One of the better options is to ask more ‘what’ questions instead of ‘why’s’.
  • For example; if you ask do you find our service good or bad, then your respondents will answer by opting for either 'Good' or 'Bad'. Rather, if you ask them what areas of our service you feel need improvement? then it will give them an open hand to discuss your current services and the change they expect in the future. Remember, open-ended questions help in getting unbiased and honest answers.
  • Additionally, when you are sending the survey through email, ending the email with “what do you think?” will invite more responses. After all, it is a proven way of ending a monologue and starting a dialogue.

Personalize your emails

  • Treat each respondent as an asset of the business but remember every asset has his/her specialty. Just do not neglect the specialty by ensuring to ask the right questions to the right people. As mentioned above, sometimes and for someone asking what do you think? Can be a big question.
  • For example; If your email ends with “can you give us your valuable feedback?” which most of the business routinely practice, guarantees that you won't get too many responses... you need to change the approach.
  • Get one thing clear, when you are asking for a feedback, you are dealing with a specific persona. Hence, it is a better practice to concentrate on the strengths, skills, and personality of the respondent so you can ask something that relates to his/her skills, strengths, or personality. Make it a practice to send email feedback surveys from a personalized email address and construct a sentence that directly conveys why you chose to get in touch with them.

Offer something in return

  • Although this particular part is of not of much importance to every business, yet it's being practiced by many and guess what... they are getting overwhelming responses. Often we misinterpret our customers or stakeholders, we think they will go far and beyond to help us. In reality, there are many who don't want to see your emails in their inbox and some even do not want to provide any feedback although they are loyal to your brand.
  • To attract such customers and respondents, offering something of value in return if they take your survey is indeed a great idea to enhance response rates. You can offer anything, a discount coupon for their next purchase, a free service, access to additional features, or anything that catches the person’s eye at the first instant.
  • Remember, people love being rewarded for their time. Your respondents get a feeling of belongingness With rewards of value, they feel they are an important entity of your business. In shirt, rewards acts as a motivator pushing even uninterested people in giving a honest feedback.

Benefits of the email feedback software

Email probably has been used more for marketing than any other technology tool. Being inexpensive, faster, and a direct mode of communication, email feedback surveys compared to other options are considered as a cost-effective option to conduct surveys. To make things easier an online feedback management software automatically creates a user-friendly URL to direct respondents directly to the online survey.

Sending emails for feedback helps in streamlining the process of collecting valuable data that is much required for improving products or services. Email feedback survey leapfrogs the traditional approach of collecting feedback through one-on-one meetings or via a phone call. Opting for email feedback means quick connection, better reach, good response rate, and honest opinions. Here are a few benefits of using email feedback software.

Email automation:

How many email addresses you think are enough to collect insightful feedback? Is it possible for you to send each email manually? Get moving with technology. An email feedback software automates and fine-tunes the entire email feedback survey campaign by allowing surveyors to create email lists containing valid email addresses. A single click will send out thousands of emails in one go. In addition to that, the feedback software is helpful in sorting email addresses, scheduling the emails and grouping the lists according to the categories or business relations.

Precise metrics:

No other platform than a solid email feedback software gives you detailed analytics of your feedback gathering campaign. It will not only provide you with the open rate, click-through rate, no of responses, and overall engagement level, but it will also show you demographics and other narratives that otherwise are very hard to trace. Not only these analytics will be on your fingertip, but also you will be able to download different reports as per your need.

Increase loyalty:

As email feedback software helps you launch various feedback campaigns you never lose sight of your audience. You can customize surveys matching their strength, skills, and personality. Not only you keep them in the loop for garnering feedback but you also get a reliable source for AB testing new features products or services. Remember, an email feedback software is your direct line communication with the brand followers so use it wisely and make the most of it by converting their inputs into actionable insights.

Reduce risks:

Since email feedback software empowers you to measure precise metrics, you can sort the best feedback surveys and repeat them at successive intervals to gather relevant feedback from new connections. This will help you not only reduce the risk of losing audience base but will also help you in getting quality feedback each time you run a new feedback campaign.

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