What are Multiple Choice Questions?

What are Multiple Choice Questions?
Multiple Choice Questions form the foundation of any survey or questionnaire as they provide a set of answer options for the respondents to select from. They are the perfect means to understand respondent preferences and produce impactful results. Not only do they bring balance to a survey but they also make it easier and quicker for the respondents to answer the survey.

Follow-up questions: What they are, advantages & examples

Follow-up questions have many uses, whether it’s during a job interview to find out if a candidate will adapt to the culture and way of working of a team, or in a survey, to learn more about a previous answer.
Although many will ask the “right” questions, the key is the ability to listen carefully or know the respondent well enough to create follow-up questions that reveal the real thoughts and feelings of the person answering.

Online questionnaire: What it is with free examples

As a business, you must have tried to collect your customers’ feedback through various methods in order to offer them the best experience. As a customer, you might have wanted to share your views with the product or service vendors to let them know your honest opinion. No matter which role you played, feedback was in the center stage.

Best Survey Software for 2021: QuestionPro

As we step into the new year, any organization would want to build an agile business that caters to the dynamic needs of the market. But how do you gauge and forecast the needs of the customers? By collecting data through an online survey software, of course.
Businesses now consider market sentiment more important than ever.

Now loop through a block of questions without rewriting them

What is block looping?
Block looping lets you show a block of questions multiple times to the respondents while taking a survey. It means you can iterate through a set of questions dynamically depending on the programmed conditions.
For instance, a sportswear company surveys to find out their respondents’ three most favorite soccer teams.

What is Gabor-Granger? Definition, Methods, Questions and Examples

What is the Gabor-Granger pricing method?
The Gabor-Granger pricing technique is defined as a pricing question used in survey research to determine the price elasticity of products and services. 
“Pricing is a pretty simple and straightforward thing. Customers will not pay a penny more than the true value of the product”, said Ron Johnson, CEO of JC Penny at the time.