Assuring Your Online Survey is Secure

More and more companies are using online surveys to gather data from their customers. While this is a great way gauge the pulse of consumers, it is critical to assure the surveys are safe and the data that is given is protected. QuestionPro has two survey software features that will help keep the data safe and your reputation intact.

Password Protection

One way to assure surveys are secure is to enable password protection for your surveys. Global Password Protect gives one common password for respondents to which only they will have access. This tool works with survey respondent tracking and the ABBS option will continue to function. Passwords can only be up to 64 characters long.

To configure password protection through QuestionPro, simply Login, go to Survey and then Select Survey. Then proceed to Survey Control and Security.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Option

You can also protect your online surveys by using the SSL option within QuesitonPro. When this feature is employed, the links for the surveys are automatically encoded using SSL, which is the industry standard encryption technology. SSL adds another layers of security and ensures that no one else has access to the data. The SSL technology encrypts data that gets passed between QuestionPro’s servers and the survey respondent.

It’s easy to enable SSL security with online surveys. The survey designer simply clicks the “Edit” link for the “Survey” and “Survey Control.” Then select the SSL option and save.

One limitation of SSL is that it cannot be used with custom URL branding. If you want to use the SSL option, you cannot use the Custom URL and if you want to use the Custom URL option then you cannot use the SSL option. Keep in mind that this is a technical limitation that is NOT unique to QuestionPro.

With options such as SSL and password protection, your online surveys will assure a protected level of security that you can instill in respondents. The data is protected and therefore, respondents can feel safe providing valuable feedback to your company. By addressing security with your customers, you assure them you care enough about them to make sure their feedback and data is protected.

Ivana Taylor

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