Who said that employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction cannot be measured? We are here, to prove them wrong.
When the new generation sets a trend for the old and more experienced
Companies like Google, LinkedIn, Virgin and Expedia are more than just firms with innovative products and services. Over the years, these new-age firms have done something greater and better than their predecessors – they showed us how to run successful businesses while being mindful of employee needs and building a truly winning workplace….

Since their first wave of popularity in the 1970s, employee surveys have become sophisticated instruments that provide accurate, timely feedback about worker morale. The tools and software have evolved – and now the questions we ask in these surveys need to evolve, too.
The standard practice in almost all organizational surveys is to rely on what my daughter, Dr….

Not every company can be Google when it comes to entertaining and comforting employees. But the good news is that you don’t have to be. Studies show that employees do not always want fancy lounges or lush green parks around their work space in order the best time working for a company. Instead there are just a few basic expectations that need to be considered to keep your people happy….

You may think that you need to give new employees at least a few months to settle down and get habituated to their new job role, company culture, and get a feel for office dynamics within your company. However, surveying them can do wonders to your employee onboarding programmes. Employee entrance surveys can do a lot for your company. …