Empowering Educators – We’ve Teamed up with myExemplars to Revolutionize Knowledge Sharing!

In order to ensure transformation at the grassroots, QuestionPro recently collaborated with myExemplars- An on-demand live video chat tutoring platform for education institutions as well as for consumer P2P business, to diversify and innovate higher education today.

Headquartered in Novato, California, myExemplars is the first mobile and cross-device expert advice platform that allows one-on-one tutoring, mentoring and advising via tutors, mentors, and advisors from schools, universities, educational organizations or professional associations across the world to extend access to tutoring beyond the standard operating hours of the institutions. It’s powerful, intuitive and easy to use platform includes whiteboard, collaborative editor, screen sharing and much more to ease out the learning experience of its users.

Under this strategic partnership, myExemplars member institutions will be provided a free annual site license of QuestionPro, used by 3,000 universities worldwide. Each member will be provided a customized log-in and sign-up portal brandable for their institution with unlimited accounts for students and faculties. The partnership is also an endeavor to enable myExemplars management to effectively harness the enormous potential of the QuestionPro platform to enable feedback loops to faculty and staff about individual student needs and how tutors are performing, up through macro trends at the institution.

“We are pleased to collaborate with QuestionPro on this initiative to access reliable feedback and better insights and support quicker decision making, without a complex and cumbersome infrastructure,” added Tim O’Connor, CEO, and Co-Founder, Exemplars, Inc.

Configured on a fully integrated feedback management solution by QuestionPro, this alliance will result in improved transparency, control and governance for myExemplars operations.

“Initiatives like these echoes QuestionPro’s global interest in helping universities run better with good governance, user empowerment, and community engagement,” said our founder Vivek Bhaskaran.