Increase Response Rates by Timely Scheduling Reminders

send reminders online
The aim of any successful data collection is to collect a lot of responses for the surveys. When you are doing any research and response rates are slow, the reminder feature is an efficient way to remind folks to respond to the survey — without badgering the ones who already have.

When you send out surveys invitations to your respondents, some will respond right away, but many will either put it off or they simply lose track of the invitation. This is where the survey reminders is really handy. QuestionPro’s reminder feature automatically removes the people who have already responded and only reminds those who have not completed their survey.

Now, QuestionPro has improved this feature even more by giving the option of scheduling reminders automatically. This is a huge time-saver as you don’t have to log into your QuestionPro account each time you have to send the reminders.

The reminder feature is designed in such a way that you do not have to make a calendar entry to send the reminder emails to the client. Choose the date for your reminder, and system will send it automatically. In other words, you can send your survey, schedule when you want the reminders to go out and just let the system to the rest. You’ll see your response rates go up dramatically without really having to do any extra work.

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