How often have you heard the phrase “DATA IS THE NEW OIL?” Hands down, the world’s most ‘sought after’ resource in the 21st century is data. It is increasingly becoming important to possess actionable, ready-to-use data by the day. With every industry racing to harness data and the advantages that it brings, we at QuestionPro understand the role that data plays, especially in educational institutes.

It’s true that internet penetration across India has significantly widened in range. But even today rural India is home to 68% of the nation’s population but only 9% of this land receives mobile internet coverage.
This makes it extremely difficult to conduct digital survey in these areas as there is a high risk of data loss. NGOs and charities who work across these regions to provide safe drinking water, provide life saving heathcare, work on spreading education and social awareness campaigns and so much more, particularly find it disrupting to their research efforts….

Renowned psychologist B.F Skinner coined the term Operant conditioning. It can be summarized as changing of behaviour by the influence of a reinforcement/ reward given after desired response (Source: Understanding and practising this behavioural psychology concept will get more responses to your survey. Positive reinforcement or simply a reward is what you need to increase response rates of your market research study or a customer experience feedback.  

As human beings, our brains are hardwired more sensitive towards negative or unpleasant news. So, it is not at all surprising that recent poll data shows that 95% respondents have taken action as a result of a negative experience and 79% of them told others about it. Social media-borne detraction multiples in moments. Before you know it, your business might have to deal with a PR crisis.