Introducing: Facial Ocular Orderliness Locator

Introducing the Facial Ocular  Orderliness Locator

Any more these days, it can be increasingly difficult to tell valid data from invalid data. There are advanced analytics that can be used to determine if a respondent lost interest in the survey part-way through and just started choosing answers or if they falsified their responses.

In the interest of keeping thing simple for our customers, we at QuestionPro are super excited about a new feature to cut right to the chase and give you simple, direct data to let you know if any respondents’ data is valid or not.

Advanced analytics not needed

The Facial Ocular Orderliness Locator (F.O.O.L.) is an easy-to-use tool that uses the respondents’ device camera to scan their faces while taking your survey. In the process of this scan, the F.O.O.L. tool will measure likeliness of false or invalid data. You’ll be able to see this in the Response Viewer, where a score will be generated based on a few factors such as:

  • Shifty eyes while the survey is being taken.
  • Whether beads of sweat started appearing on the respondent’s forehead.
  • Yawning.
  • Expletives muttered while taking the survey.
  • Taking the survey on a second monitor while watching videos on a primary monitor.
  • Eye-rolling.

The score will be a percentage, up to 100%. The higher the score, the higher the chances that the respondent was playing the F.O.O.L.

For full effect, simply login to your QuestionPro account.

Happy April 1st!