Maximize Your Employees’ Potential

Maximize Your Employees’ Potential

Fact: you can give a worker the smartest phone, three computer screens, and all the big data in the world, but if that worker fundamentally doesn’t or can’t work well, then all the tech in the world is useless. The motivation and minds of employees are every organization’s greatest cost and asset. Motivated, passionate talent can create miracles while a disengaged, dejected employee can poison an entire team.

There are four major reasons why an employee isn’t working out:

1.) Personal reasons.
2.) S/he doesn’t understand the vision and the responsibilities of his job.
3.) S/he is not matched with the right manager, or the right team, or even the right tasks.

4.) S/he is actually untalented, unmotivated, and uninspired—in short, a straight-up scrub.

Some of these situations are beyond even the best of HR, but more often than not, these problems can be solved with a little communication and visibility. But CEOs and VPs simply don’t have the time and energy to get to know everyone in their organization. And even if they did establish a personal connection with all their subordinates, most subordinates are reluctant to raise particular concerns for fear of career suicide.

Well then, what do we do?

Companies need to create comprehensive and consistent communication channels between upper management and all levels of employees. These consistent channels are best set up with technology that can automate pulse surveys and give instant insight with built-in analytics.

Pulse surveys with confidentiality options allow organizations to source honest opinions from all employees.  It also allows organizations to consistently track office morale; to check the temperature on employee happiness, so to speak. Small problems, dips in employee unhappiness are caught before they become a trend. Now, even if a supervisor reports a given team as doing well, the VP can check the team’s analytics to see if they are really feeling as positively as their manager claims. Learn more about Pulse Survey Examples