Why You Need an Employee Analytics Tool

Employee Analytics ToolEmployee analytics should be a top consideration for management, up there with core product strategy and delivery. Whether or not you have the right product at the right time is highly dependent on your employees being both motivated and properly managed. Good management and visibility is near impossible to scale; without a comprehensive communication channel and consistent feedback, companies risk losing top talent and failing to form top teams.

For example, the CEO makes a poor promotion for a new marketing VP. The marketing team is uncomfortable with the new manager but lacks a channel to convey their dissatisfaction. By the time the CEO realizes, it’s been two quarters of poor performance, and half of the marketing team has jumped ship. By the time the CEO has collected enough information to make an informed decision, it’s been three bad quarters and the marketing team is gutted with new hires.

Another example: the company has grown exponentially in the past year. While this is great in terms of profit, the influx of new hires has changed the corporate culture. Management doesn’t take active steps to drive cultural change, and the company fails to become a cohesive unit. The once close-knit startup culture becomes clique-ish, or worse, unmanageable and incoherent. (see Zenefits) You should be measuring you organization’s culture to prevent this.

Employee Analytics Tool

These are all common problems that most of us have seen time and time again. The obvious answer to this is “good leadership”, but sometimes, even a superhuman can’t perceive and prepare for all these problems. This is where an employee analytics tool like QuestionPro Workforce becomes integral to your business. QuestionPro Workforce helps business leaders create communication channels across all levels through customizable feedback systems. Getting employee feedback is important, but how and why varies across businesses. GoogleForms and standard survey tools are too generic and manual for consistent, large-scale implementation. Employee analytics tools often have purpose-built automated reports specifically designed for management to get the key insights they need.