Previously we spoke about Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software and how insight community management software can help companies by providing social support to customers that exceeds customer care services. We also have mentioned the importance of engagement and how to successfully build customer engagement as it will help to build trust, increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Enhance Your Online Research Community
Whether you’re thinking about starting a community, have just started one, or have a seasoned online community, it’s essential to always enhance your online research community and keep in mind the best practices of online community management. This helps with and is centered around having an active and thriving community….

Come One, Come all: Top 3 Reasons to Have a Community Member Portal
In a recent post, I talked about the benefits of converting your customer list into a community. This is what savvy companies are doing to help get better insights and amp up their research efforts. Even savvier companies are reaping the rewards of a community that has an online member portal….

Live Discussions
You’ve heard the horror story before, I’m sure. In fact, you have probably lived it. All you want to do is run a few focus groups in a couple of key cities across the country. You email your focus group facility contacts to see how much they would charge for everything from recruiting to facility rental….