Link QuestionPro Insights with Salesforce Today

SalesForce App Exchange is finally here! What does that mean for you? Now you are able to integrate QuestionPro and Salesforce easier than ever before and send and store insights within SalesForce.

The QuestionPro-Salesforce integration creates a consistent interface between your QuestionPro survey data and your database of leads, contacts and opportunities.

The QuestionPro-Salesforce integration effectively gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate online survey responses with your Salesforce database. For example, the data collected via a follow-up customer satisfaction survey could automatically be appended to a custom field on a Case called satisfaction. With the addition of this information, you could produce satisfaction reports in Salesforce segmented by account representative, location, product, etc.

The set up is simple and easy to follow:

Collecting feedback effectively closes the loop of Customer Relationship Management. By surveying customers, you’ve bridged a critical gap in CRM by adding customer satisfaction to your list of CRM data points.

Integrating customer surveys into existing CRM systems allows for the measurement of the success or failure of every customer interaction. Sound analytics can take this data and further drill-down to identify exactly what factors are affecting the satisfaction and attitudes of your current customers.

For more information, visit us on the Salesforce App Exchange here, and connect with your dedicated customer success manager to get started.