Police brutality and gun violence: These two stark issues seem to be the bookends in the daily narratives of many African-Americans. On the side of police abuse, a notorious example occurred just last May when Phoenix police officers with drawn weapons traumatized a Black family in a parking lot because their 4-year-old girl had allegedly shoplifted a “Barbie-like” doll….

The global media and entertainment market has consistently been on the rise. Revenue is projected to reach up to $2.2 Trillion by 2021, according to a report published by statista. Gaming is an ever-developing and integral segment of this market. The two largest gaming regions, Asia Pacific and North America, accounted for 78 percent of global revenues in 2017.

The market research industry has grown steadily over the last five years. But innovations could rapidly increase potential revenue in the research industry in the future. What should companies in this industry expect in the years to come? Here are a few market research stats and trends.
Here, we’ll take a look at key market research stats and trends from a variety of new reports covering the industry for market research.

What does targeting the right respondents for an online survey mean? Fifteen years ago, market researchers knew very little about online survey research. Almost all interviews were still completed via telephone, paper and pencil or face to face. Today, researchers know much more about online research, and most interviews are completed online.
There’s nothing more frustrating than spending vital amounts of time and energy on a survey research project, only to realize that your survey respondents don’t qualify for the survey.

A custom online research panel, also known as a customer advisory panel or internet access panel is a group of pre-screened respondents who have a willingness to participate in surveys and customer feedback sessions. These members may be either direct customers of the business or potential customers or individuals who have the knowledge and the passion to participate in the panel study….

Market panel research is a method for collecting data repeatedly, from a pre-recruited set of people. These individuals generally provide demographic, household and behavioral data, which can make conducting future studies easier.
Market research is continuously evolving on a day to day basis. This change is due to the evolution of the style of collecting data and the tools used to collect data.