With over 100,000 apps the popularity of iPhones is ever on the rise. Thus, it made sense to develop an iPhone IdeaScale Widget…
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IdeaScale iphone Widget: http://blog.ideascale.com…

Here is a quick checklist of items that will allow you to best leverage your IdeaScale portal:
Create a Test Portal
There are a myriad of features/tools for IdeaScale. The best (and safest) way to try features that are new to you is by creating an additional portal, and testing them out first. Also, customers find this is the best way to for their design team to fiddle around with layout and design before moving to the live site….

So – we added in a nifty mashup to integrate with photo/screen sharing sites like Flickr and ScreenCast.com (Jing) to IdeaScale:
NOTE: We’ll be adding mashups with other popular web 2.0 sites (technorati, YouTube etc.) as we go along.
Screenshots/help files below:…

A new web application in this day and age wouldn’t be complete without a few widgets. Of course we threw in a widget for IdeaScale! You’ve probably noticed the widget we have on our blog in the right nav, for the QuestionPro IdeaScale portal.

IdeaScale widgets let you display hot ideas, and ideas that are currently being worked on within your portal(s)….