Cloud Computing

There has been a lot of chatter around “Cloud computing” recently. Microsoft recently jumped into the bandwagon with their launch of Azure Platform and of course Amazon has been doing utility computing via Amazon S3 for almost 2 years now. Google has it’s AppEngine platform and our favorite Salesforce has – Lots of hype and buzz….

We are excited to be exhibiting at Salesforce’s Annual conference – Dreamforce next week.
On top of that, we will be releasing our integration functionality within all QuestionPro paid licenses!
Starting at $15/month includes:
> UNLIMITED surveys
> UNLIMITED survey questions
> UNLIMITED survey responses
> Mapping of up to 20 questions per survey to….

We’ve launched out first open-id integration for IdeaScale.
What is OpenID – OpenID is an emerging standard on the web to harmonize username/passwords. In short you can use existing systems (like yahoo, aol etc.) to login to other websites (not controlled by Yahoo! or AOL -eg. your IdeaScale portal) —

Many of our customers create internal IdeaScale portals, and thus would like to restrict access to the portal. We recently came up with a simple solution for this: restrict new user sign-ups to to a certain domain. In other words, when a new user signs up for your portal, IdeaScale will check the given email address to ensure its from certain domain (ie, everything after the “@”…

One of a the challenges we’ve faced since we started QuestionPro was bridge the gap between “point-n-click” and “survey programming” — We got one step closer today.
We’ve just launched into Beta a Point-n-Click “Scoring” tool.
What is a scoring tool?
I am sure many of you have taken personality quizzes – answer a few questions and the system computes a “score”…

So, we decided to add in integration with Google Analytics with IdeaScale. What is Google Analytics? — Well formerly “Urchin” it gives you _very_ detailed_ analysis on your website. If you wanted to find out who is visiting your site, what are they doing, how many “sign-up” etc. – You use a website analytics system like google analytics….