Often researchers, while conducting online surveys, use descriptive questions and answers. It helps them to carry out an in-depth analysis of the research topic. Sometimes the question or answer text they use is pretty long. However, when they want to analyze the results of their research product, they find the analytic reports are not so good looking.

As a CX manager, there will be times where you need to manage customer lists or transaction lists to keep it updated and efficient. To make it easier, we’ve added an unsubscribe tool to remove customers who no longer want to receive surveys after a transaction or no longer want to be a part of your customer list in general.

Sharing is caring! We’ve updated our CX dashboard settings so you can share any custom dashboard with your portal users and managers. Enabling the dashboard on the portal will give managers the visibility to review data that is relevant only to the segment or region they are in charge of. No need for them to create their own custom dashboard.

What do you mean by SPSS? 
SPSS stands for Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences. It is an analytic software tool being used by marketers and researchers to analyze complex survey data and mine text data. 
Although QuestionPro has one of the best and most robust in-built analytics and reporting features, researchers prefer SPSS for granular statistical analysis.

What is a custom survey?
What would you do if you received an email with a survey invitation from an unknown brand? You’d probably delete the email without much thought.
For example, you receive an email with a survey invitation to rate one of your recent purchases.

Surveys are the perfect tools to gauge customers, employees, or even public opinions related to a specific issue or a brand. The survey format and its design play a pivotal role in ensuring greater engagement and an enhanced response rate. 
A research study with an appealing questionnaire design is very much necessary to determine readability, engagement, and interaction.