So you have a survey portal for your employees, they can use it to fill-out surveys, check their past activity, and admins can view analytics, collate and distribute reports. Wow! That’s pretty much everything you would need from a survey provider, right?! Which begs the question – Why do I need a company-branded portal? Well, here’s why:

Builds trust

Organizations need to have their logos, branding colors included on the portal….

When organizations hire people, unfortunately, all too often, they end up hiring people that were actually needed weeks ago. Organizations are essentially playing catch up at that point. They’ve had a need, an opportunity to increase their resources, but they’ve been missing the resource for longer than they should have. This may or not be the case with all the organizations, but I’d argue that it is definitely the case with most ones….

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at an event called CX Talks Chicago – an all-day event dedicated to the topic of customer experience – along with Tisha Leslie, Director, Employer Brand at T-Mobile. It was great to collaborate, ideate and present with Tisha, T-Mobile is one of the largest players in the mobile communications business….

More than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations operate in the United States. Our charge is to make a difference in our communities…every day in everyday lives. And our collective impact is immeasurable.
There’s an adage in the world of work – one widely accepted in blind faith: “Customers come first.” Nowhere is this truer than in the Not-for-profit (NFP) realm….we exist solely for the people we serve….

Organizations understand that their employees are unique and so are their experiences. They, therefore, want and need the ability to track indicators for work culture and employee experiences over time. For too long organizations have been reactionary. Real-time monitoring of data arms HR professionals and business leaders to get in front of the challenges and opportunities. This is important especially if its a gap or a risk that needs immediate attention….

We all talk about employee engagement, employee experience, culture and a lot of other things. Is it a new principle, is it an old principle that’s been rebranded? How many organizations practice it, have adopted it? I heard something new at a conference, is it old already? What does it all mean? What’s hot and what’s not in today’s world of work?
We will try to answer all of these questions and more for you: join us for #WorkorceWednesday –…