Special Session Feb 24th: POWERFUL Ways to Deck Out your Survey

Free Training Session: Personalize Your SurveysDuring this special free training session on Tuesday Feb 24th, we are combining all of the ways to personalize and customize your surveys.

This session is going to be ACTION PACKED with powerful techniques to completely personalize the survey experience for you and your respondents.

In this session we’ll show you how to use QuestionPro features to:

  • Increase your brand recognition with customization
  • Increase response rates with personalization

The agenda includes:

Best Practices

We will discuss relevant best practices, including:

  • How to use these powers for good and not for evil;
  • when too much is too much.



We will show you (not just hint at, not just show screencaptures, but actually show you) how to:

  • Use custom variables to personalize! Custom variables are very powerful! Use them for:
    • URL appending
    • Uploading excel files
    • Customizing the invitation
    • Customizing the survey itself
  • Extract data from one question into another question (makes the questions super duper relevant)
  • Pipe text (enter your data, then pipe that as a custom variable to the rest of the survey)



  • Send custom notifications to survey administrators and stakeholders
  • Use pre-built themes to give your survey some color
  • Create a custom URL for your survey
  • Use totally custom CSS control to give your survey your full brand treatment
  • Change the thank you page to do everything from show your respondents a custom link to redirecting them to your own website.


Even More

  • Learn how to uploade images for rating scales.
  • Use the Push to Social question (get notified of issues; request social sharing of positive feedback)
  • Add rewards – self-fulfilled, Starbucks/Amazon/Tango cards, and even custom coupons

The session will run for 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A. So bring your questions, get logged into your QuestionPro account so you can follow along, and LET’S GET PERSONAL!