Top Ten Tips for Using the Real Time Summary

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Have you checked out the Real Time Summary lately? It’s a powerful tool for reporting. From layering filters to customizing the whole report, there is a lot to do with the Real Time Summary. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips for using the Real Time Summary!

Top Ten Real-Time Summary Tips

  1. Share it! At the top of the Real Time Summary, you’ll see a Live Report Link. It is like it sounds. As responses come in, anyone with this link can see the updated version of the report if they refresh their browser. You can also share the report via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can email it, and you can even generate a QR code for it!
  2. Filter it! Right under the live report link is the data filter drop-down. You can add up to 4 levels of filters!
  3. Export it! To the left of the live report link is the Refresh Data button. Under that – print or export. You can export the data in a variety of formats: PowerPoint, Excel, and Word among them. And if you used filters, they will be applied in the exported version.
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  5. Customize it! Back to the right, you’ll see Report Settings. Here, you can choose whether or not to show device data, the standard statistical information included by default under the charts, whether or not to include Presentation Text that you may have used to help split the survey into sections.
  6. Choose the questions to show! Also in the Report Settings – the option to only show select questions in the Real Time Summary. Focus on the information your constituents want to see most!
  7. Put your logo on it! Click Title and Logo to add your organization’s logo (or any other image), change the title, and add a description of the report. Best Practice Alert: Reiterate the purpose of the survey and summarize key findings for those with little time to review the whole thing.
  8. Put your colors on it! Click Customize Theme to include your organization’s colors in the report. Clicking in any of the color bars, you can type in the hex code for the color you want if you know it already. Customize the highlight color, table background, and the table text color.
  9. Password protect it! Click Sharing Options to enable or disable report sharing, social network sharing, and to add a password to the report.
  10. Embed individual question charts on your webpage! Click on the Sharing icon on the far right of the box for any individual question and you’ll find a link that you can use to share the information from an individual question. You can also copy the Embed Code and use it in the HTML for your webpage to include individual question charts on your site!
  11. Create a pivot table based on a question! Included in the same screen as the other Sharing options for an individual question is the ability to create a pivot table/cross-tab chart based on the question you’re looking at. This means you can pivot all of the information in the report based on the answers to that question. This can give you more unique insights into the data you’ve collected.