How Virtual Whiteboards Enhance Digital Workspaces

With the use of remote workspaces becoming increasingly relevant to people everywhere, teams are beginning to bulk up their workspaces to accommodate for the future of online work. Digital workspaces seem inevitable as we continue to move through 2021 and sooner or later we’re going to have to embrace them with full commitment.

Digital workspaces are competent replacements for in-person workspaces, and for many they have become a necessity. As they are operating currently, however, digital workspaces are not as impactful as their in-person counterparts. In order for them to become sustainable solutions and achieve a global impact, they require a shared visual space. 

Virtual whiteboards are tools that have not yet been universally adopted and they have the potential to provide a shared collaborative space for people to come together and realize the full potential of their digital workspaces. Thanks to their versatility, accessibility, and engagement ability, virtual whiteboards create a holistic online work experience that enhances digital workspaces.

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Advantages of using virtual whiteboards in your digital workspace

Virtual whiteboards bring elements to the digital workspace that allow teams to function fluidly together. These features revolve around the accessibility, versatility, and engagement that people are able to access online. All of these features distinguish online whiteboards as an innovative tool for workspaces both online and in-person. Below we will outline these elements briefly and discuss why they are so important to digital workspaces.

Online whiteboard advantages


Virtual whiteboards are able to capitalize on the versatility of being online in order to help teams diagram workflows and pinpoint solutions. This means that you are able to pivot between multiple complex elements quickly and efficiently.

Through online whiteboards you have access to a database of different templates that help structure your collaboration sessions. This gives you the ability to access new and efficient methods of thinking and brainstorming that you normally couldn’t independently operate on. 

Using a virtual whiteboard also allows you to circumvent the headache of setting up boards and knowing the keys of collaboration beforehand. It is much easier to work together on any given template or diagram using these tools, which means they can be integrated more often into your daily routine. This versatility makes collaboration much easier when operating on a digital workspace, and enhances the holistic connection of your workspace.

Not only can you use templates that were previously out of reach through virtual whiteboards, but you can combine different templates to complete entire workflows on one integrated tool. These templates could include a brainstorming activity, and mind/customer journey map, or mapping your next steps. This means that you can complete entire flows in a comprehensive and visual way with your team without having to worry about setting up, integration between tools, or transitioning information between sources. All of it is located in the same place and accessible to everyone, making online whiteboards an efficient next step for teams to take when working in digital workspaces.

Virtual whiteboards provide a versatile online space for teams to access and collaborate together. Digital workspaces lack a significant visual element that is inherent to traditional workspaces, and online whiteboards are able to create a space where interacting with visual elements is possible for everyone.


Accessibility is a key metric for people to engage with virtual whiteboards and provides a ton of flexibility to the online work environment. Virtual whiteboards are accessible from anywhere and by anyone who is invited, making them much more versatile than a traditional collaboration platform. This means that you can take your teams globally and integrate people & knowledge from places that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

This gives online whiteboards a ton of versatility as to what tasks they are able to accomplish and who you can include. This accessibility broadens the reach of your digital workspace and allows you to include more people than previously possible. Not only can you work with these people but you can collaborate alongside them.

Not only can you take your tasks across the world but you can also change the fundamental nature of your workspace. Virtual whiteboards allow you to take your collaboration, brainstorming, or organization and create a living document. This can be accessed any time for greater input or learning potential, meaning it has a permanence of knowledge that traditional methods can’t replicate.

This allows digital workspaces to enhance the ways they collaborate and changes how they access whiteboards and information. When you have a living document and a permanent record of your work and collaboration, it becomes more integrated into your daily work and routine, enhancing your ability to work with your team and beyond.

online whiteboards

Through expanding accessibility across the globe and fundamentally changing the accessibility of your information, virtual whiteboards are able to enhance digital workspaces in new and innovative ways.


Virtual whiteboards don’t only provide templates and structure to your collaboration activities, but they specifically make this collaboration engaging and effective. When working in digital workspaces, collaboration and brainstorming can be very difficult because there is no shared visual element that people can access together. Understanding each other and being able to work cooperatively is made so much easier when people can engage through a visual medium together.

Virtual whiteboards organize their templates and structure them in ways that make collaboration more feasible between teams. When people arrive on a template that is pre-structured and looks visually pleasing, it makes them more likely to engage.

Purposeful visual elements make collaboration more approachable than posing a question and having people cooperate into the void. This togetherness is a huge boost for digital workspaces, and helps people engage in and enjoy their collaborative activities.

Having a platform that is visually engaging for teams is a huge relief from the emptiness of digital workspaces. Being able to visualize your thoughts and collaborate on a shared platform enhances people’s engagement with digital workspaces and their overall ability to work holistically online.

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Digital workspaces look more and more likely to be the future or the professional world. Navigating these workspaces can be challenging at times, but using a virtual whiteboard enhances this experience and provides innovative solutions to common issues. Through their versatility, accessibility, and engagement potential, online whiteboards are able to enhance the efficiency of using a digital workspace.


| This article was written by: Paul VanZandt