WEBINAR: Hyperlocal Surveys. Right here. Right Now.

questionpro_hyperlocal_banner_gifYou’ve seen it here on the blog.
You’ll see it next time you login to QuestionPro.
You got an email about it this week.

So why are we still pushing next week’s webinar?

Because this is a big one.

As we all know, disruptions to market research have been accelerating. What was once thought of almost as a good ol’ boy network of old school market researchers, certifications and tradeshows, is now a-buzz with discussions on mobile, apps, emerging best practices, ‘the future of MR’ and the likes.

For those who are conducting market research part-time (smallbiz owners who gather customer feedback; marketers doing product research as part of their responsibilities), we often hear the issue is compounded because there’s not time set aside to keep up with new developments – you’re just struggling to keep up with the existing best practices.

For anyone doing research at any level, we can see how it’s difficult to keep up.

And that’s where this webinar comes in – we’re integrating with technology in a new way to help you implement tomorrow’s market research best practices, today. And, AND we’re making it easier and less expensive to do so.

What will we cover during the webinar?

  • We’ll be demonstrating how this technology works.
  • We’ll be hearing from market research expert Jeffrey Henning on the role hyperlocal surveys play in mobile research.
  • We’ll talk to Chandika Bhandari of Seattle AppLab about how the integration is done.

  • Stop trying to keep up; let us help you get ahead of it. This webinar is the key. Register now!