Learn Great Survey Design and Paint Your Masterpiece

There’s no doubt that people conduct surveys for a wide variety of reasons, but all great surveys have a similar foundation. Designing a survey is an art; and similar to art, it requires a great amount of practice, some critical analysis, and a blank canvas—or a survey form in our case. Anyone can jump right into creating a survey.

One of the busiest travel times of the year has just passed. Millions of families across the country traveled during the holidays to be reunited with their loved ones. With more than 100 million Americans having traveled this holiday season, many of you are still recovering. In order to best accommodate travelers, airlines offer several additional services where travelers can upgrade their seats, access airline exclusive lounges, and purchase in-flight food and entertainment….

How Millennials are Travelling
Millennials are constantly expressing their interests on social media channels, and travel is not excluded from the trending topics identified by “hashtag goals.”  This desire to travel is not only represented by the stream of photos on their Instagram feeds, but also in their approach to life. This can be seen in the array of benefits that millennials are requesting from their employers that deviate from the normal 401K offerings….

QuestionPro is now providing its nonprofit survey program to potentially 600,000 new users with its partnership with TechSoup. All nonprofits registered with TechSoup to have direct and free access to a QuestionPro Corporate License. TechSoup is a leading social change organization that helps mission-driven organizations with their technology needs. We currently offer a Non-Profit Waiver Program, providing our survey software to any nonprofit who wishes to sign up –

So you probably already know that FluidSurveys are no longer accepting new users into their platform and as of October 2017, they will merge into  SurveyMonkey. As a result, this will leave many customers who need advanced data intelligence capabilities in the dark. Many advanced features are not supported by SurveyMonkey, and as a result, customers will be forced to look at a FluidSurveys alternative….

QuestionPro and Mindmeister partner, explore a survey mind mapping integration
We have announced an important partnership with MindMeister, exploring survey mind mapping integration, that we hope will modernize how surveys can be shared, vetted, and distributed. Today’s MindMeister partnership will aim to modernize data intelligence through the integration of our powerful survey analytics platform and MindMeister’s award-winning mind mapping software.